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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 920: Notice

Listening to their words, have the city lord already given the jade to Fairy Zhixi?

If so, it will be troublesome.
Seeing Hexi frowned, Nangong Yu couldn’t help but reach out and press on the back of her hand, saying softly to comfort, “Don’t worry, there will always be a way. It’s better than getting no news. Maybe the jade is still available. What’s more, even if it is taken away, as long as Xi’er wants it, I will grab it for you even if I have to rob!”

Hexi couldn’t help but smile at him, and she said in a low voice, “You’re King of Hell, how come you are unruly like a bandit now?”

Nangong Yu also smiled along. As he was about to speak, Gu Liufeng and Shen Qingchuo came in suddenly.

It turned out that not long after Shen Qingchuo entered Yongan City, she wanted to go to a remote alley to buy some girl’s accessories, but Hexi and others had to go to a crowded place to inquire about the news.

So Shen Qingchuo dragged Gu Liufeng to accompany her shopping. Although Gu Liufeng looked helpless, he was worried to let Shen Qingchuo go to the remote alley alone. So, he went with her in the end.
The 2 only came back holding hands until now.

As soon as the 2 entered the restaurant, everyone’s ambiguous eyes couldn’t help but fall on them.

Bai Hu smacked his tongue and sighed, “I remember this Yongan City is not too big. It takes only a few hours to go around twice. Brother Gu and Ms. Shen just went to buy an accessory, and you guys can they come back until now. Hehe, are you afraid that we would disturb your intimate moment?”

“You… what nonsense are you talking about?” Shen Qingchuo blushed, and she quickly retreated a few meters away from Gu Liufeng.
Gu Liufeng coughed, and his face under the mask was slightly hot. He forcibly calmed himself and said, “Brother Bai, don’t talk nonsense. We came late because we found some news about Divine Soul Jade, so we went to inquire about it. “

“Yeah yeah!” Shen Qingchuo immediately echoed, then she ran to Hexi happily and handed her a piece of paper, “Sister Xi Yue, look, this is what we saw on the west market bulletin board.”

Hexi took the paper and took a look; it was actually a notice.

The content of the notice was similar to the content discussed by the few people just downstairs. The general meaning was that the city lord’s son was sick, so he was recruiting people to treat his son. If his son was cured, the city lord would give his family treasure, Divine Soul Jade, as a reward.

Hexi raised her eyebrow and said, “Is this notice still posted now?”

Shen Qingchuo nodded repeatedly and said, “I went to inquire about it with Brother Liufeng. This notice is still posted, but almost no one bothers about it now. It seems that a very powerful person has come. Sister Xi Yue, let’s go. While the notice is still posted and there are still people at the registration office, we should hurry up to apply. Maybe it’s not too late yet!”

A smile appeared on Hexi’s face, and she gently patted Shen Qingchuo’s hand and said, “Okay, let’s go now. Qingchuo, thank you and Liufeng for bringing such a good news.”

Shen Qingchuo was so happy that her face blushed after receiving a rare compliment from Hexi; she happily jumped to Gu Liufeng’s side like a butterfly.

However, she immediately thought of something. She bared her teeth at Bai Hu, “See!? Brother Liufeng and I are not strolling around for fun! We are helping out!”

It’s really Divine Soul Jade! What is the disease that even Divine Soul Jade is used as a reward?


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