The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 926: Moved into the City Lord’s Mansion
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 926: Moved into the City Lord’s Mansion

“This… Yes! Of course you are eligible!” Master Yuehua nodded without hesitation. “If mister is not eligible, no one will be eligible nowadays. What’s more, I have just learned mister’s magical medical skills just now.”

“However, the specific matters need to be determined by the city lord. Please follow me to stay in the city lord’s mansion. I will tell you the result after I report to the city lord.”

Master Yuehua’s remarks caused a greater uproar among the audience.

In order not to disclose her identity, Hexi used voice transmission to diagnose Master Yuehua and tell her name..

So in the eyes of the audience, Master Yuehua was shocked when he saw the young man, then he said that he would take him to the city lord’s Mansion.

The young city lord’s illness will obviously be treated by Fairy Zhixi, why Master Yuehua still approved this young man’s registration?

Could it be that there are some secrets between this young man and Master Yuehua?

Master Yuehua didn’t care about everyone’s reactions, and he led, with a look of awe, Hexi and her party to the backyard of the city lord’s mansion.
For this doctor recruitment event, the city lord deliberately vacated a courtyard for the doctors who came to sign up.

This yard was luxuriously decorated, the view was pleasant, and the space was even greater.

It was just that it was empty now. Except for the servants who were cleaning up and down, there was no one inside.

Master Yuehua explained warmly, “Originally, there were many doctors in this courtyard. They would discuss and summarize the young city lord’s condition in this courtyard every day. It’s just that since Fairy Zhixi came, these doctors thought they were inferior and left. That’s why this courtyard is so empty now.”

In fact, Master Yuehua didn’t say that all the doctors in this courtyard didn’t intend to leave initially.

Although Fairy Zhixi was well-known, she was only a little girl in her early twenties. Many doctors had more experience than her. Originally, they wanted to discuss with Fairy Zhixi.

Who knows, this Fairy Zhixi’s junior sister apprentice Ren Xueling was extremely arrogant and domineering. She laughed at all the doctors and said that they were overreaching themselves for staying here. They just wanted to wait until Fairy Zhixi treated the young city lord, then they would get some benefits.

Those old doctors who could be recruited by the city lord, which one of them was not prestigious and proud?

After being humiliated by Ren Xueling, who will live? Who is embarrassed to live? But this Ren Xueling is the daughter of the former city lord of Yongan City. He is so powerful in Yongan City that even the current city lord dare not discipline her. what.

Since those doctors suffered so much humiliation, they of course all left in indignation in the end.

Now this Mr. Xi is staying in, if he meets Ren Xueling, what will the result be?

Thinking of this, Master Yuehua couldn’t help but frown.

Master Yuehua found a manservant to lead Hexi and the others to settle in a room while he himself went to the study room where the city lord’s office was located to explain it to him.

It was just that Master Yuehua would never think that the thing he worried about happened right when the manservant brought Hexi and her party to their room. They met Ren Xueling in the courtyard.

Ren Xueling’s swollen nose and swollen face were already much better under Fairy Zhixi’s treatment than in the morning, but there was still a bulge on her forehead. Her left and right faces looked a little asymmetrical.

It will be Ren Xueling’s time to run away this time…


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