The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 929: I’m Afraid Of Snakes
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 929: I’m Afraid Of Snakes

Li Zhenyu was taken aback for a moment. No one could guarantee things like this. If he said it would be cured, it would give people a subject for ridicule. His face looked unsightly right away.

The little girl in front really doesn’t know how to speak properly.
Mo Xiaotu saw that he was speechless, thinking that she was good at eloquence. She showed a triumphant smile, “Our Brother Xi Yue’s medical skills are also very good. Since we are all saving people and you said that sister fairy is kindhearted, why don’t you let Brother Xi Yue treat the disease with her? Is it because she is afraid that she will lose face if Brother Xi Yue cures the patient, but she can’t?

Mo Xiaotu’s words made Li Zhenyu’s face immediately sullen, “Little girl, you can’t talk nonsense. If you continue to speak so unscrupulously and slander Zhixi, I can only ask you all to leave here by force! “

“I… How am I talking nonsense?” Mo Xiaotu’s eyes widened and her face was full of resentment. “Which sentence I said is not the truth? Why do you want to chase us out? What’s more, we are invited by Master Yuehua. Who are you to chase us out!?”

“Hmph, seeing that you look like a decent human, I thought you were a good person. It turns out that you, like that ugly woman, are also a bad person who bullies others!”

Ren Xueling heard her calling herself an ugly monster again, then she remembered the beating and humiliation she had received in the morning. Suddenly, new hatred and old hatred surged in her mind. She screamed, “Cousin, why are you still talking with them? I will definitely teach them a lesson today!”
As she said, she flew up with a flying sword with ice crystals in her hand.

How could Mo Xiaotu be afraid of the loser Ren Xueling. Seeing the flying sword stabbed at her, she stretched out her hand and firmly grasped the sharp blade without any fancy move.

“It seems that I haven’t taught you enough lesson in the morning. Okay, then I will teach you how to not be a bad guy again!”

Mo Xiaotu held the blade and was about to lift Ren Xueling up and throw her out.

Suddenly, when her wrist was tightened. There was something strange wrapped around her wrist.

It was cool, slippery, covered with scales, and it was even creeping.

Mo Xiaotu pulled her wrist curiously and looked forward. When she saw clearly what was wrapped around her hand, she suddenly screamed, “Snake… it’s a snake!! Waaa… I’m afraid of snakes! Little Rabbit fears snake the most! Wuwuwu, Brother Xi Yue save me, Xiao Chi save me——!!!”

It turned out that the head of a snake was wrapped around Mo Xiaotu’s hand. At this moment, the triangular head of the snake was raised high, breathing out snake breathe at Mo Xiaotu. The pair of small eyes emitted a dark light.

The body of the snake was extremely long, but the other end was held in Li Zhenyu’s hand. The silver snake tail was still coiled several times on his arm.

Li Zhenyu was gently stroking the body of the snake at this time, saying coldly, “Girl, I see that you are young, so I won’t trouble you. If you apologize to Zhixi and Xueling right now, I will spare you. Otherwise, if you are bitten by the golden ring silver-tailed snake, even if you have high cultivation, you will only die of poison!”

Ren Xueling saw that Mo Xiaotu’s jumping and crying, and she suddenly felt very relieved.

She clapped her hands and laughed and said, “Cousin is still amazing. Are you very arrogant?. Cousin, let this snake bite her, hurry up! This bitch said in the morning that senior sister did not look good. She even slandered senior sister as a bad guy for indulging my arrogance. Cousin, you must not let her go!”

I hope they have already chosen their coffin and the place to bury themselves…


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