The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 930: Try It Yourself
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 930: Try It Yourself

When Li Zhenyu heard these words of Ren Xueling, his face became more gloomy. He sneered, “Since you have been so disrespectful to Zhixi, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

The snake head that was originally wrapped around Mo Xiaotu’s arm immediately sprang up and rushed toward Mo Xiaotu’s neck fiercely.

“Ahhhh—-! Help me—!!”

Mo Xiaotu let out a scream and closed her eyes while crying.

However, after waiting for a long time, the horrible, cold and slippery pain expected did not come.

Mo Xiaotu opened her eyes cautiously. She saw that the snake that had just pounced on her had already been rolling on the ground in pain.

Moreover, as the snake was rolling, half of its body seemed to have been corroded by something and broke apart.

Li Zhenyu grabbed the remaining half of the snake’s tail in his hand and looked down at the broken golden ring silver-tailed snake with shock.

He glanced around finally set his gaze on Hexi. He sounded afraid, “Who are you exactly?”

Although my golden ring silver-tailed snake is not strong in attack, it is a rank four magical beast. This golden ring silver-tailed snake is even refined with special medicines. Even high-level magic weapons may not be able to cut it off. Now, this young man can simply cut it off with a wave of his hand?

Hexi smiled slightly and threw a glance at Xiao Chi.

Xiao Chi rushed out excitedly, grabbed the broken snake head, and ran toward Hexi while dragging it.

Mo Xiaotu, who had just been frightened, finally recovered from the shock at this time. As she saw Xiao Chi, she pounced on him and cried out immediately, “Wuuu, I’m most afraid of snake; I hate it! I hate it!

Xiao Chi was stunned by being hugged by Mo Xiaotu.

It took a long time before he pushed her away, then he eagerly dragged the snake to Hexi’s side and handed it to her.

The pair of purple eyes were shining as if they were eager for praise and affirmation. Together with his handsome face, he looked particularly cute.

Hexi reached out and touched his head, took the snake, and whispered, “Xiao Chi, good boy!”

After speaking, Hexi looked at Li Zhenyu ahead, and her voice suddenly turned cold, “Elder Li is really so bold and capable; you actually use a vicious golden ring silver-tailed snake to deal with a little girl.”

Li Zhenyu frowned and said, “You killed silver tail just now? How did you do it?”

The smile on the corner of Hexi’s mouth became colder. She suddenly pinched the head of the golden ring silver tail snake and squeezed it hard. Suddenly, the venom of the venomous cyst was slowly squeezed out by her.

At this moment, Li Zhenyu finally showed a look of astonishment in his eyes.

He watched Hexi caught the drop of venom with her hand. That… that is the venom of the golden ring silver-tailed snake. If it touches the skin, it will burn and corrode; even magic weapon will be corroded. This young man actually catches it with his hand.

After Hexi caught the drop of venom, she smiled slightly and said, “Since you like to use poison so much, why not try the poison you use?”

After speaking, the venom in her hand suddenly scattered, flying toward Ren Xueling and Li Zhenyu.

At the same moment, the council chamber of the city lord’s mansion.

The current city lord of Yongan City was named Zhuge Feng who was a powerhouse at the intermediate stage of the Gold Core Stage. In his early years, he worked as a manager in the outside office of the Doctors Association; he had some friendships with some of the elders in the Doctors Association.

Rip, will Fairy Zhixi come out and cure the poison?


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