The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 931: What Is His Name?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 931: What Is His Name?

After he was over 80 years old, Zhuge Feng realized that his cultivation might be difficult to make progress, so he married and had children. He gave birth to an only child named Zhuge Xiaotian.

Zhuge Xiaotian’s talent was much better than that of Zhuge Feng. He broke through the Meridians Stage when he was only in his early twenties. Now, in just a few years, he was already at the peak of the Meridians Stage before 30 years old.

If his son could reach the Gold Core Stage before the age of 40, his future prospects would far surpass him.

But suddenly one day, when his son came back from a secret realm, he suddenly fell ill with a strange disease. From then on, not to mention the improvement of his cultivation base, even living a normal life had become an extravagant hope.

During this period of time, Zhuge Feng tried his best to treat his son; he even invited one of the elders of the Doctors Association, but in the end, everyone was helpless.

But fortunately, now Fairy Zhixi was here. After seeing Zhuge Xiaotian’s condition, Fairy Zhixi said that it could be cured, which made Zhuge Feng’s anxiety mood improved a bit over the past few days.

At this moment, he heard the report from his subordinate that Master Yuehua was requesting to see him.
As soon as Master Yuehua saw Zhuge Feng, he explained his intentions, “Brother Zhuge, I hired a doctor who applied for the recruitment order in the west market today.”

As soon as this statement came out, Zhuge Feng was taken aback. If Master Yuehua said this a few days ago, he would definitely ask him with joy. After all, more doctors meant more hopes to cure it.

But now…

Zhuge Feng frowned and said, “Brother Yuehua, you also know that Fairy Zhixi has a way to cure Xiaotian now. If we still hire a doctor and annoy Fairy Zhixi which makes her refuse to treat Xiaotian, what should we do then?”

Master Yuehua nodded when he heard the words, “I originally thought so. But when I met this person, he pointed out the fact that I have not been able to pill refining for many years.”

“What?” Zhuge Feng asked in surprise, “Could it be that he has heard about you?”

Master Yuehua smiled bitterly, “Brother Zhuge, you know my situation. Ever since I have that strange disease, I have been staying at home. Everyone thought I was ill. Only your closest brothers know about my true situation. I never believe that you will reveal my illness, not to mention the doctor who treated me.”

“Moreover, this doctor didn’t even check my body with spiritual power. He just looked at my face and told the fact that I can’t pill refining and condense my spiritual power into spiritual fire. “

Zhuge Feng was really surprised at this moment. He said in disbelief, “This person is really so good? Then what is his doctor grade? Who is he from? Is it better than Fairy Zhixi?

Master Yuehua shook his head and said, “He doesn’t have a doctor grade, and he didn’t tell his history.”

Zhugefeng’s face suddenly showed disappointment. He shook his head and said, “He doesn’t even have a doctor grade; he must be here to fool me. Brother Yuehua, if he can guess your condition, he must have used some kind of petty tricks. It’s better to get rid of him quickly!”

Master Yuehua showed a sly smile and slowly said, “Although he does not have a doctor grade, if I say his name, I believe Brother Zhuge will know him.”

“Oh? What’s his name?”

Master Yuehua smiled and slowly uttered 2 words, “Xi Yue!”

If Zhixi cares about her reputation, she won’t give up treating just because they hire another doctor🤔. “If” though…


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