The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 934: Isn’t this a Fool
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 934: Isn’t this a Fool

Li Zhenyu walked to her and said in a deep voice, “Zhixi, sorry, I didn’t protect Xueling well and let her suffer the sinister attack.”

As he said, he pointed at Hexi and said coldly, “He is the one who hurt Xueling! This young boy is so young but so vicious. He not only ruined my golden ring silver-tailed snake, but he also squeezed the venom from the snake’s teeth to attack us, obviously wanting to kill us.”

Lu Zhixi frowned and looked at Hexi, then she glanced at Nangong Yu next to her. She slowly said, “Mister, my junior sister apprentice had already apologized for what happened this morning. Time has changed; we should forget past grievance, why is mister so narrow-minded that you still refuse to let go of my junior sister apprentice. Even… you even used poison on my junior sister apprentice. Doesn’t mister think that you are too vicious?”

“Nonsense!” Mo Xiaotu said without waiting for Hexi to speak. She said angrily with red eyes, “It’s obviously this bad guy in white clothes who let the snake bit me. Brother Xi Yue fought back to save me! Why did you say that Brother Xi Yue is narrow-minded; you are the narrow-minded one who can’t tell right from wrong! Even if you look pretty, I won’t like you anymore! What’s more, you don’t look as good as Brother Xi Yue!

“Brother Xi Yue?” Lu Zhixi frowned when she heard Mo Xiaotu’s words, but then she suddenly widened his eyes, showing a shocked expression, “You’re… Xi Yue from the Yanjing City?!”

Hexi looked at her with a half-smile, “So what if I am?”

This 16 years old boy, who has snow-white skin and an appearance that is prettier than me, is the well-known Young Miracle Healer Xi Yue in Yanjing City!

Maybe Xi Yue’s reputation in Tian Gang Kingdom Yongan City was not particularly well known, so very few people knew about her.

However, Lu Zhixi was the daughter of the president of the Doctors Association. How could she not know how terrifying Xi Yue was?

It was this young boy who appeared out of nowhere and became famous with his ungraded doctor identity. He could actually refine the best quality pills and supply them to Qingxia Sect continuously, which caused a crisis in the monopoly of the medicinal pills by the Doctors Association.

Lu Zhixi took a deep breath and frowned at Hexi, “Miracle Healer Xi, I have heard of your big name for a long time.”

But immediately, she changed the thread of discussion and revealed a questioning look, “Since you are Miracle Healer Xi Yue, then you have to be benevolence as a doctor. Medical skills are used to save people instead of harming people. Mister took advantage of your advance medical skills to use sinister mean on my junior sister, don’t you feel that you have completely violated the way of the doctor?”

Hexi sneered and said, “According to Fairy Zhixi, being attacked by others with poison, not only I can’t use medical skills to protect myself, but I still have to compliment the attacker? Fairy Zhixi is really a saint. I hope that next time someone slaps your left cheek, you will let him slap your right cheek as well.”

As soon as Hexi said this, Mo Xiaotu suddenly laughed out loud, “Being slapped on the left cheek and still letting people slap the right cheek? Isn’t this a fool?”

Lu Zhixi’s face flushed suddenly. She glanced at Nangong Yu, and she noticed that he was looking at the young man with a gentle smile in his eyes.

She suddenly remembered that when she was traveling in Cang Ming Kingdom, she heard someone said that King of Hell, Nangong Yu, abandoned Feng Lianying; it was even because of a handsome young man. It was rumored that Nangong Yu liked man.


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