The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 936: How Could She be Compared?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 936: How Could She be Compared?

Xiao Chi was stunned for a moment, then he immediately fell into Hexi’s arms obediently, revealing a crystal clear warm smile.

Nangong Yu frowned and looked at Xiao Chi, who was nestled in Hexi’s arms, with annoyance. He wanted to kick this guy out, but he managed to endure it.

Lu Zhixi turned her head and saw that Nangong Yu was looking at Hexi with a frown. With a move of his mind, she took a deep breath and took a step forward, “Miracle Healer Xi’s technique in poison is really amazing; I’m willing to admit defeat.”

“It’s just that what I’m good at is curing diseases and saving people, so I didn’t study too much with poisons. Today, I almost killed my junior sister apprentice. However, since Miracle Healer Xi was watching from the side, why didn’t you remind me and watched my junior sister apprentice taking the poison? If I don’t have Jiuqu Lingshen Pill with me, wouldn’t Miracle Healer Xi become a murderer?”

Hexi couldn’t help laughing when she heard this. She pushed Xiao Chi away, raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Who told you that I cure the venom of the golden ring silver-tailed snake?”

Lu Zhixi was startled. Her face looked even more ugly. Such an arrogant and vicious young man, why will Nangong Yu only look at him?

She concluded that this Royal Highness King of Hell was just a normal person who judged people by appearance.

But even though she thought so, the depression in her heart still couldn’t be relieved.

Li Zhenyu had been holding back for a long time on the side. At this moment, seeing Lu Zhixi being so humiliated by Hexi, he couldn’t help but furious. He said with a gloomy face, “You guys get out of Yongan City right away; you are not welcome here!”

As soon as he spoke, hurried footsteps coming from outside the yard.

Soon, Lord Zhuge Feng and Master Yuehua rushed over.

As soon as Ren Xueling saw Zhuge Feng, she immediately screamed, “Uncle Zhuge, why did you invite this group of peasants to treat Brother Xiaotian? Don’t you believe in my senior sister’s medical skills?! Since you don’t believe in my senior sister, then we will go immediately!”

Zhuge Feng’s face flushed red immediately. He quickly dissuaded her, “This must be a misunderstanding. Fairy Zhixi, Miracle Healer Xi, both of you are famous miracle healers in the world. It is a great blessing for my child to be treated by both of you. “

Li Zhenyu sneered, “City Lord Zhuge, that Xi Yue is just an underage young man who doesn’t even have a doctor rank. You actually compare him with Zhixi? Are you looking down on Zhixi and the Doctors Association?”

“Why would I do that? How dare I look down on the Doctors Association!?” Zhuge Feng said quickly, “Who does not know the name of Fairy Zhixi… It’s just that my son’s disease is really strange. If more doctors can treat him, there will be more hope to treat him naturally. I also hope that Young Master Li will appreciate my love for my son!”

Ren Xueling furiously said, “My senior sister has said that she can cure Xiaotian’s illness. Now you have invited other people, and you dare to say that you don’t look down on my senior sister!? Senior sister, we kindly come to treat people, but we are being treated like this. What are we still doing here? We will leave now!”

As Ren Xueling said, she wanted to pull Lu Zhixi away.

However, after a few steps, Lu Zhixi couldn’t help turning around and looking at Hexi and Nangong Yu and said suddenly, “Mr. Xi, have you heard of Young Master Zhuge’s illness; have you diagnosed him before? “

Hexi shook her head, “No.”

Lu Zhixi raised her eyebrows slightly, “Mr. Xi has never seen the patient and you don’t even understand the condition of Young Master Zhuge, then you think that you are capable of curing the patient?”

Don’t let this become a competition Fairy Zhixi, you will only put shame on yourself…
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》