The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 940: The Light of Hope
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 940: The Light of Hope

As for Bai Hu and Gu Liufeng, they had secretly bet all their crystal stones, magic weapons and medicinal pills that they didn’t use on Hexi.

When they went to bet, the gambling house owner looked at them like they were idiots who came to giveaway money.
After the bet started, although some people bet some crystal stones on Xi Yue’s side with the idea of ​​looking for opportunities, they mostly bet just a few hundred or a few thousand crystal stones to try their luck. Who would be so stupid like these 2 to bet tens of millions of crystal stone?

Wasn’t this an idiot?

As for whether they were idiots or not, Gu Liufeng and Bai Hu both had sinister smiles on their faces. The gambling house owner will know the results by tomorrow morning.


In a wing room in Yongan City, Master Yuehua was sitting in front of the furnace with a hesitation on his face.

After the plague, he cured the people of Yongan City and saved thousands of martial artists in the Cang Ming Kingdom, but he suffered from this strange disease because of his experimental medicine.

No one knew how obsessed he was with medical skills and how much he wanted to be a pill refiner.

However, since the plague more than 10 years ago, he had lost the ability of pill refining; he would never be able to advance in the path of doctor.

During this period, Master Yuehua secretly searched for countless ways, hoping to cure his strange disease, but he never did so.

Originally, he was almost desperate.

Master Yuehua looked down at the pill in his hand and swallowed the pill with determination.

As soon as the pill entered his body, he felt a warm current sweeping over his body. When it gathered at his dantian, it jumped slightly as if to appease the injuries in his dantian.

The next moment, Master Yuehua opened his eyes abruptly, and the spiritual power ran out from his dantian, condensed to his right hand, and finally burst into flames.

“Ahh—!!” Master Yuehua looked a the spark in his hand with shock and disbelief.

I, I can actually condense spiritual fire again!

Does this mean I can refine pill again?

Master Yuehua trembled with excitement. He staggered over and took out various herbs from the jade shelf and poured them into the pill furnace.

Soon, spiritual fire was also injected into his dantian.

Master Yuehua only felt that his heart was beating violently. He was ecstatic while panicking, for fear that this wasn’t real but just a dream for him.

An entire hour passed, a faint light radiated from the pill furnace.

Master Yuehua tremblingly lifted the top cover of the pill furnace. When he saw the round and shiny medicinal pills inside, he couldn’t help it anymore; 2 lines of tears streamed down from his eyes.

How many years has it been! How many years!? I have already given up all hope initially, but now, I can actually refine pill again!

With trembling fingers, he put the medicinal pill into his mouth. The excitement and sentiment on Master Yuehua’s face suddenly turned into surprise.

Why I somehow feel that this second grade spiritual healing pill is much richer and purer than the spiritual power I refined 10 years ago?

No, it should be said that this second grade spirit healing pill is of higher quality and grade than the upper grade spirit healing pill sold on the market.
It’s like… right! Just like those upper grade spirit healing pills sold by Qingxia Sect and Shengde Hall.

Master Yuehua held the remaining medicinal pills while his body was trembling; his eyes shone with hope.

He felt that after he finished refining this furnace of medicinal pills, his dantian had recovered that kind of disorganized state. He could no longer condense the spiritual fire.

TL: It’s just temporarily? How long does it take to completely recover?


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