The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 941: All People Gamble
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 941: All People Gamble

But at this time, his dantian was much more comfortable than before taking the medicine. This clearly showed that this kind of medicinal pills was not a one-time effect, but a healing effect on his injury.

What if I can always take these medicinal pills? What if I can take a lot of these medicinal pills?

Is it possible that my illness can be cured? In the future, I can not only refine pill, but… but I can also refine such upper grade medicinal pills?

At the thought of this, Master Yuehua trembled with excitement.

He got up quickly and walked out; his steps were messy and hurried.

He wanted to immediately go and ask Xi Yue about this medicinal pill and about how to cure his illness completely.

As long as he could continue to pill refining and improve his medical skills, he was willing to pay any price!

But as soon as Master Yuehua walked out of his yard, he immediately calmed down.

Tomorrow Xi Yue will treat the strange illness of Zhuge Xiaotian, and he is in a competition with Fairy Zhixi. How can I bother her in the modern age?

Thinking of this, Master Yuehua took a few deep breaths and calmed down slowly.

As he was about to walk back, he suddenly heard the chattering of a few manservants and maids not far away.

“Have you heard of it? The Changle Gambling House opened a bet between Fairy Zhixi and the kid named Xi Yue. Have you all bet? Who did you bet?”

“Of course, I will bet on Fairy Zhixi! I have bet all my crystal stones and medicinal pills I have earned in the past few years. Although the odds are too low to make a lot of money, it is good to earn some pocket money. .”

“Me too! Me too! I’ve seen that kid. Although he looks handsome, he looks only 16 or 17 years old, and his hair is not full. How can he compare with Fairy Zhixi? Although Fairy Zhixi is only 20 years old, she is the daughter of the Doctors Association’s president. She learned medical skills since she was in elementary school. How can she be compared?”

“Hmph! That kid dares to be disrespectful to Fairy Zhixi. I have already discussed with Old Six that when he loses, we must teach him a little lesson. Let him know that our Yongan City is not a small country that they can do whatever they want!”

“Teach him a lesson? Good! Good! Count me in!”

Master Yuehua frowned deeply as he listened to the conversation of several people.

Obviously, Fairy Zhixi and Xi Yue only agreed to treat the young city lord at the same time. When did they say that they would have a bet? Why will it escalate to such a situation? The gambling house even opens a bet?

Moreover, do everyone think that Xi Yue will lose? But how can a doctor who can see through my illness at a glance and have a way to refine pill be a simple character?

Although Fairy Zhixi is also very good, I feel that Fairy Zhixi cannot be compared with this Xi Yue.

After all, even the Doctors Association is helpless with the best quality pill refined by Xi Yue.

A person with great medical skills like Xi Yue should be respected and praised by everyone.

But now, everyone in Yongan City is slandering him and insulting him. How can this be?

Thinking of this, Master Yuehua’s heart suddenly surged with excitement, and hurriedly left the City Lord’s Mansion.

A quarter of an hour later, Master Yuehua appeared in the Changle Gambling House.

Master Yuehua was extremely famous in this Yongan City. When the guy in the gambling house saw him, he immediately welcomed him respectfully, “Master Yuehua, why are you visiting our gambling house? We are really flattered!”

TL: Is Master Yuehua here to bet? Or…?


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