The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 942: All Bet On Xi Yue
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 942: All Bet On Xi Yue

Master Yuehua said straightforwardly, “I heard that you open a bet between Fairy Zhixi and Xi Yue?”

“Exactly!” The guy at the gambling shop quickly led Master Yuehua to the place where the bet was placed.

The place was still full of people at this time, and people kept shouting, “I want to bet 8,000 crystal on Fairy Zhixi!”

“Quickly let me bet on Fairy Zhixi! I bet all my money on this!”

The talisman projection that showed the odds above the betting table was constantly changing at a rapid rate. Fairy Zhixi’s winning rate had now exceeded 500.

The guy led Master Yuehua all the way through the crowd and brought him to the betting table. He asked eagerly, “Master Yuehua, are you are here to bet on Fairy Zhixi? How many crystals do you want to bet? I can register for you!”

“No!” Master Yuehua shook his head decisively, then he put his storage ring on the betting table, “I bet all on Xi Yue!”

As soon as this statement was made, the Changle Gambling House was suddenly silent before the betting table.

Everyone looked at Master Yuehua with surprised expressions; they were full of disbelief.

If the person betting on Xi Yue wins was another unknown person, they would definitely not take it seriously. Instead, they welcomed them very much because this was giving them free money.

But what if this person was Master Yuehua? Master Yuehua’s reputation in Yongan City was comparable to Fairy Zhixi!

How could he bet Xi Yue to win? Did he think Xi Yue’s medical skills could be compared to Fairy Zhixi?

Master Yuehua didn’t say much, put down the storage ring, took the registration inscribed jade slip, and quickly left the casino.

Seeing Master Yuehua leaving, someone couldn’t help but said, “Why does Master Yuehua bet Xi Yue to win? Is this Xi Yue’s medical skills really good? Should we bet some on Xi Yue?”

“Hmph! What Master Yuehua, haven’t you heard of it? This master hasn’t been refining pill and hasn’t seen patients for many years. Now, he is just a useless person. It is just that City Lord Zhuge appreciates him, so he can do well in Yongan City. I think he must have be crazy to bet on Xi Yue.”

“I heard that Xi Yue and her paty was recommended by Master Yuehua to the city lord. I think he is just betting on Xi Yue just not to lose face.”

As soon as these words were said, everyone was suddenly enlightened. Many people were a little bit contemptuous toward Master Yuehua.

He actually dares to doubt Fairy Zhixi? I think this Master Yuehua is really an old fool.

However, some people were still suspicious of Master Yuehua’s actions, and some people secretly took back the money bet on Fairy Zhixi and bet on Xi Yue.

But these people were just the minority, so the odds had been stable at 1:500.

Until the evening, a young man in green clothes with a grim face came to the betting table of the Changle Gambling House.

As soon as he stood still, he immediately took out a row of storage rings, lined them up on the betting table, and said coldly, “I want to bet.”

The person in charge of the bet glanced at him casually, only to find that this man had a cold aura, but his cultivation was mysterious; he was at least at the Gold Core Stage.

He quickly changed his contemptuous expression and said respectfully, “May I ask who are you betting on…”

“All bet on Xi Yue.”

Another person who bets on Xi Yue!

The Changle Gambling House suddenly became lively again.

TL: Who is this person?


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