The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 946: If You Don’t Have Money, Then Marry into My Family
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 946: If You Don’t Have Money, Then Marry into My Family

Nangong Yu always had no resistance toward Hexi. With a sway of his heart, he broke free from the natural silk and wanted to kiss her fiercely.

But Hexi grabbed his collar, pulling him closer. She slowly said, “Your Royal Highness King of Hell, are you having a good chat with the beautiful lady?”

Nangong Yu was taken aback for a moment, then he couldn’t help laughing, “Xi’er, are you jealous?”

Hexi snorted coldly, “So what if I’m jealous?”

Suddenly, she pulled Nangong Yu over with great strength and kissed him lightly. She said solemnly, “Nangong Yu, you belong to me. I don’t allow other women to covet you. If you have an affair with other women, I will castrate you and leave far away so that you will never find me!”

Hearing Hexi’s bold declaration, Nangong Yu was not dissatisfied at all. The natural silk in his hand was broken suddenly. He hugged Hexi and said with a hoarse tone, “Little girl, you are really domineering. However, I like… Xi ‘er, I will only love you in my life!”

After speaking, he hugged the girl’s soft body into his arms and kissed deeply.

The more domineering his Xi’er was, the more she cared about him. This was what he had always dreamed of, how he not be pleased him.

When the kiss ended, Hexi only felt that her whole body was soft.

Nangong Yu’s kisses had always been domineering, hot, and had a strong desire to control, but this time was different; it was so raging and passionate as if to swallow her alive.

Hexi leaned in his arms, remembering Nangong Yu’s expressions to Lu Zhixi just now in the yard, and a sweet smile appeared on her face.

She was indeed jealous just now, but it wasn’t that she didn’t believe Nangong Yu; she was just displeased that another woman coveted her sweetheart.

Nangong Yu hugged her with a fiery body and quick breathing. He could only lower his head and murmur in her ear, “Xi’er, when we get back, we will get married immediately, okay? I really can’t wait anymore.”

Hexi’s face was red, and her eyes were gleaming; she looked indescribably smart and cunning; sweet and happy.

But remembering what she had just heard, she couldn’t help laughing at Nangong Yu, “Your Royal Highness King of Hell, you bet all your valuables. Are you sure you still have the dowry to marry me?”

Nangong Yu was taken aback when he heard it. He originally didn’t want Hexi to know about this, but he didn’t expect to hear it.

Then he met the little girl’s narrow eyes and couldn’t help but laugh; he hugged and kissed her deeply before saying, “Xi’er is right, but I bet all on you. If you lose and I don’t have money to marry you, I can only marry into your family!

Hexi laughed at first, then some kind of brilliance was accumulating in her eyes. She suddenly stretched out her hand to touch Nangong Yu’s face and whispered, “Nangong Yu, are you not afraid that I will lose and you really lose all money!? Do you really believe me so much?”

Nangong Yu held her hand and said almost without hesitation, “Xi’er, even if I don’t believe in myself, I will believe in you.”

Hexi was startled slightly, only to feel that her heart was filled with something.

There is a person in this world who believes in me so much, and this person is still my lover. This feeling is really amazing.


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