The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 962: Great Kindness
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 962: Great Kindness

Especially when he opened his eyes with clear eyes, all other people knew that he had returned normal.

Zhuge Xiaotian pressed his temple and said dumbly, “Father, what’s wrong with me? Am I sick again?”

Thinking of the horrible and disgusting appearance when he fell ill, Zhuge Xiaotian couldn’t help crying, “Father, instead of living like this, you might as well let me die.”

Living such in such a shameful life! I can’t do anything except drinking blood!

Zhuge Feng grabbed his son’s hand, ignoring the disgusting sores on his hand, then he said, “Xiaotian, don’t worry, dad has found a doctor who can treat you. You will definitely get better!”

Lu Zhixi also stepped forward and used spiritual power to investigate Zhuge Xiaotian’s condition carefully, then she asked gently, “Young city lord, how do you feel now?”

Zhuge Xiaotian frowned in a daze, then opened his eyes slightly and said in disbelief, “I… I think I feel better. I don’t have the urge to drink blood. Moreover, I even feel a little hungry.”

“What?!” Zhuge Feng exclaimed; his expression was ecstatic. “Xiaotian, is that real? You are feeling hungry now? You don’t want to drink blood, but you want to eat normal spiritual food?”

Zhuge Xiaotian touched his flat stomach, and he heard the cooing sound from his stomach. A surprised expression appeared on his face, “Father, I… I’m really hungry; I want to eat rice!”

“Great! Great! Great! Dad will ask someone to cook for you now!” Zhuge Feng burst into tears with excitement, and his hands grabbing Zhuge Xiaotian’s hands were trembling. “Quickly ask the servant to serve food for the young master!”

After a while, an exquisite meal was served.

Zhuge Xiaotian almost devoured the food. As the food rich in spiritual power entered his abdomen, the scary sores on his face and body as well as the suppurative wounds were all gradually healed.

His handsome facial features also appeared.

Zhuge Feng looked at his son eating like a normal person with tears coming out nonstop.

He suddenly walked in front of Lu Zhixi, bowed deeply to her, and tremblingly said, “Fairy Zhixi’s great kindness, I Zhuge Feng have nothing to repay, but if Fairy Zhixi needs my help in the future, I will never say no!”

Lu Zhixi stretched out her hand and waved slightly with a gentle smile, “Lord Zhuge doesn’t have to be polite. Zhixi is a doctor, and treating patients is what I should do.”

Lu Zhixi was polite, but Ren Xueling was not polite. Seeing Zhuge Feng’s gratitude look and seeing Zhuge Xiaotian could eat, she took it as her senior sister had treated him completely.

She suddenly jumped out and stretched out her hand to Zhuge Feng, “Uncle Zhuge, my senior sister cured Xiaotian, and you just say thank you? What about the Divine Soul Jade you promised my senior sister? Quickly hand it out!”

Zhuge Feng hurriedly said, “How would I dare to break the promise with Fairy Zhixi? But Divine Soul Jade needs warmth to be stored, so I didn’t bring it in my storage ring. I will definitely give it to Fairy Zhixi.”

Ren Xueling nodded in satisfaction, then she turned around, pointed at Hexi and others and sneered, “Right, there are these bitches!”


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