The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 965: Turn the Tide
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 965: Turn the Tide

“Master Yuehua…” She said lightly, “Have you forgotten the fact that you can refine pill now?”

“Ah?” Master Yuehua was taken aback.

Hexi shook her head helplessly. She suddenly took out a few silver needles on her fingertips.

The silver needles instantly went into Master Yuehua’s acupuncture points. Master Yuehua only felt that a strange warm current surged out from his body. His dantian that couldn’t condense spiritual fire seemed to be reborn once again.

Hexi quickly retrieved the silver needle and smiled faintly, “Didn’t they say you can’t condense the spiritual fire? Then, show them!”

Master Yuehua was startled when he heard the words, then his eyes suddenly lit up.

His gritted his teeth and channeled his spiritual power in the dantian. The next moment, a crimson spiritual fire was emitted from his fingertip.

As soon as the spiritual fire appeared, the temperature of the entire room rose suddenly, but it didn’t feel scorching but warm and comfortable.

The doctors looked at the spiritual fire burning in Master Yuehua’s hand, and their eyes widened.

Although the spiritual fire of Master Yuehua was not entirely from his dantian, it was formed by refining the natural sky fire and then integrating into his body, but there was a difference in such spiritual fire; not all martial artist could condense such spiritual pill that could refine pills.

The spiritual fire condensed in Master Yuehua’s hand was clearly of excellent quality; the fire was solid and stable. How could there be signs of dantian collapse?

“Who said that Master Yuehua can’t refine pills? How can such a spiritual fire fail to refine pills?”

“Dr. Jiang, aren’t you the one who said Master Yuehua can’t refine pills? What’s going on now?”

The triangular-eyed Dr. Jiang stared at the spiritual fire on Master Yuehua’s fingertips in disbelief, and shook his head vigorously, “Impossible, this is impossible! I clearly heard the news that Master Yuehua has not been able to pill refining. If we can’t pill refining, how can we suddenly condense the spiritual fire!”

Suddenly, his gaze turned and fell on Hexi, and he suddenly exclaimed, “It’s you! It’s you who did it, right? Did you use some tricks to make Yuehua seem to condense spiritual fire. In fact, it’s just a trick?!”

Hexi’s hands around were her chest, and she glanced at Dr. Jiang with a hint of ridicule. She said slowly, “Oh? You said Master Yuehua is a liar, then why don’t you have a match in pill refining here with him? Of course, the premise is that Dr. Jiang, your dantian that is eroded by evil aura, can still condense the spiritual fire!”

“You… how did you know that?!!!” Doctor Jiang let out a sharp shout.

It was just that as soon as he said that, his face immediately changed drastically, knowing that he fucked up.

He covered his dantian’s position and shook his head in shock, “No! No! I have not been corroded by evil aura. Don’t listen to his nonsense, I didn’t!”

However, the eyes of the doctors looking at him were already full of doubts.

Hexi sneered and said, “You want to prove that your dantian is not corroded by evil aura? It’s very simple. Just condensed spiritual fire like Master Yuehua did, isn’t it enough?”

Dr. Jiang’s face turned pale, and his body trembled slightly, but he didn’t intend to condense spiritual fire at all.

Some doctors couldn’t help shouting, “Didn’t you say that you are not corroded by evil aura? Why don’t you condense the spiritual fire?”

TL: What now😏? He must have received some benefits from someone to slander Master Yuahua…


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