The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 969: Delay Desperately
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 969: Delay Desperately

Seeing Lu Zhixi, both Zhuge and his son bowed to her in gratitude.

Zhuge Feng even took out the jade box containing Divine Soul Jade and handed it to Lu Zhixi, thanking her for saving his son.

But Lu Zhixi refused.

She smiled softly, but her tone was very firm, “City Lord Zhuge, thank you for your kindness, but the medical skill competition is not over yet. If I took the Divine Soul Jade first, Mr. Xi would definitely be dissatisfied.”

Hearing the words, a doctor suddenly said in anger, “That kid Xi Yue was clearing trying to delay desperately. The young city lord looks totally fine now. Fairy Zhixi, you should accept this Divine Soul Jade.”

But Lu Zhixi shook her head very resolutely, “You have heard what Mr. Xi said yesterday. He does not admit that I cured the young city lord, that is, the competition is not over yet. If I accept first this Divine Soul Jade and Mr. Xi and his men spread this out, everyone will say that I seek fame and deceive the public. Zhixi doesn’t want to bear the consequences.”

As soon as Lu Zhixi said this, these doctors all showed resentment and accused Xi Yue of shame.

Only Master Yuehua stood aside and said nothing. He glanced coldly at Lu Zhixi, Ren Xueling, and Li Zhenyu.

He had now guessed that the person who instructed Dr. Jiang to accuse him in public that he could not pill refining must be Li Zhenyu.

Because only close friends like Zhuge Feng and some elders of the Doctors Association knew that he couldn’t refine pill. Lu Zhixi and Ren Xueling as the daughter and disciple of the presidents of the Doctors Association wouldn’t be strange to get this news.

Just thinking that they actually used his weakness to indirectly attack Xi Yue, Master Yuehua felt a chill in his back.

For Fairy Zhixi, a woman whom everyone praised, he had a feeling of scruple against her.

After everyone finished chatting, Dr. Chen gave Zhuge Xiaotian another blood exchange under Lu Zhixi’s guidance.

When this blood exchange was over, the scars on Zhuge Xiaotian’s mouth and face almost disappeared.

Those terrifying wounds on his hands and feet had also healed.

Zhuge Feng looked at his son who was healing at such a speed, and he wished he could kneel down and kowtow to Lu Zhixi.

Lu Zhixi’s eyes also showed a bit of pride.

This vampire disease almost has no treatment in the entire Miluo Continent because no one has ever discovered it.

But I have read books about this illness and discussed it with my father because of my curiosity.

In the end, my father gave me such a treatment plan. Although I have never tried it, I believe that my father’s treatment plan must be the most correct.

Now, Zhuge Xiaotian’s recovery is equivalent to confirming my father’s wisdom and strength.

When I won after 2 days, I can the Divine Soul Jade to make up for the deficiency of my soul. After that, I can try to advance to the seventh rank doctor and try to refine the fifth grade medicinal pills.

So what if Xi Yue is great? So what if Shengde Hall can sell the best quality pills? Those medicinal pills are not made by Xi Yue himself.

Even the best quality pills sold by Shengde Hall are only in the fourth grade at most, but I can refine the fifth grade medical pills at this age.

No one has done this before in the entire Miluo Continent!

At that time, maybe that person will look at me differently right? Maybe he will feel that I’m better than that Xi Yue right?


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