The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 973: On the City Wall
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 973: On the City Wall

As soon as he finished speaking, he threw a porcelain bottle at Master Yuehua.

Master Yuehua held the icy surface of the porcelain bottle with his body trembling violently as if he wanted to crush the porcelain bottle, but he didn’t do it in the end nothing.

He had no choice in such a desperate situation.

Li Zhenyu laughed smugly, turned around and left quickly.

After Li Zhenyu left a whole cup of tea, Master Yuehua stumbled and walked to his yard with the porcelain bottle.

When the figures of the 2 people disappeared completely, a black figure in the grass in the distance came out, thought for a moment, revealed a deep smile, and then quickly disappeared.


Another day had passed, Zhuge Xiaotian’s symptoms got better and better.

After all his blood was exchanged and confirmed that the sun would not harm him anymore, Zhuge Xiaotian did not rush to bask in the sun. Instead, he meditated and channeled his spiritual power throughout his entire body and dantian.

This made his scars recover more quickly. Especially the scars on his face were completely recovered.

Zhuge Feng was so excited for Zhuge Xiaotian’s recovery that he could not sleep at night, wishing to announce to the entire Miluo Continent that his son had recovered.
Therefore, when Li Zhenyu proposed to announce the result of Fairy Zhixi’s treatment on the city wall tomorrow in front of all the people in Yongan City, Zhuge Feng agreed without hesitation.

Although he felt sorry for Xi Yue, the Zhuge Family owed Fairy Zhixi too much. If this was what Fairy Zhixi hoped, he could only sacrifice Xi Yue.

It was the 3rd day soon which was the day for the results of the medical skill competition to be decided.

Just after 9 am, in front of the city lord’s mansion, a crowd had gathered there. Some of these people were ordinary people or low rank martial artists, but some were high rank martial artists above the Meridians Stage, and there were even many Gold Core Stage experts.

It could be said that the entire Yongan City people were looking forward to the outcome of Fairy Zhixi’s treatment and were also looking forward to the final result.

At 15 minutes, Zhuge Feng opened the door and walked into Zhuge Xiaotian’s room with a smile on his face, “Xiaotian, are you ready? The city residents have been waiting outside for almost an hour.”

But as soon as he saw Zhuge Xiaotian’s face, Zhuge Feng frowned slightly, “Xiaotian, why is your face so pale? Is your illness relapse again? I will ask Fairy Zhixi to come and see you again.”

“I’m fine!” Zhuge Xiaotian quickly stopped his father, “Father, I’m really fine. Please don’t trouble Fairy Zhixi anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m too excited that I can’t sleep well and meditate well, so I look a little tired. I seem to have a slight fever as well, but I will take a good rest after today.”

Zhuge Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this, then he smiled, “Since you are fine, let’s go up to the city wall!”

Zhuge and his son went up to the city wall. At the same time, Fairy Zhixi and Hexi were also led to the city wall.

Accompanied by the group of doctors who had been watching Fairy Zhixi treating Zhuge Xiaotian these days.

The people of Yongan City underneath saw Zhuge Xiaotian appear in front of them, and there was a clamor all of sudden.

“Did you see that, isn’t that the young city lord? He hasn’t shown up for more than half a year!”


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