The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 975: It’s too Late
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 975: It’s too Late

Hexi sighed softly and said, “It’s too late.”

“What? It’s really too late?” Bai Hu’s face turned pale. He glanced in the direction of Nangong Yu and said tremblingly, “Are we really going to lose all our capital? Eh-hem… That is, all the crystal stones and magic weapons of the King of Hell Mansion!”

Hexi glanced at him lightly and said with a slight smile, “I mean, there is no need to stop him. Zhuge Feng can’t finish the announcement.”

As soon as Hexi finished speaking, Zhuge Feng continued, “3 days ago, Fairy Zhixi provided a treatment plan to diagnose and treat my son Zhuge Xiaotian’s strange disease. After 3 days of treatment, Xiaotian’s disease has now been completely cured. So, I announced that the result of the competition between Fairy Zhixi and Xi Yue, Zhixi…”

“Father… father… ahh!!!

Before Zhuge Feng finished his last sentence. Zhuge Xiaotian, who had been standing aside, touching his forehead and licking his lips, suddenly let out a scream, then he pounced at guard next to him with red eyes.

The sharp teeth pierced the guard’s neck, then the terrifying sound of drinking blood sounded on the deadly silent city wall.
Such a terrifying blood drinking sound continued for several seconds before someone finally reacted.

The entire scene was in chaos. The guards rushed to pull Zhuge Xiaotian off from the guard.

The guard let out a weeping cry. A large piece of flesh and blood was torn off from behind his neck. The wound was horrible.

The guard could only scream for once, then he fainted in horror.

Zhuge Xiaotian was still screaming and struggling after being ripped off by the guards.

On his hands, face, and neck, dense red spots began to appear.

These spots quickly grow and rot under the sun’s rays, and the blood was mixed with pustule, giving off a nauseating rancid smell.

Zhuge Feng suddenly jumped onto Zhuge Xiaotian, who was restrained by the guards, and shouted in a panic, “Xiaotian! Xiaotian! What’s wrong? Don’t scare father!”

But Zhuge Xiaotian was struggling constantly. His eyes were blood-red; he bared his teeth, revealing the slowly rotted lips and teeth inside.

The scene was too terrifying, and the changes were too strange. Suddenly, the people below fell into a strange silence.

They looked straight at Zhuge Xiaotian’s current appearance with their eyes widened. Hearing the terrifying screams and teeth rubbing sounds, they all showed horrified expressions.

Although they knew that the young city lord was sick, they never thought it would be such a terrifying disease.

They never thought that such a horrible scene of patient sucking blood and eating flesh would appear in front of them.

Zhuge Feng, who kept yelling Zhuge Xiaotian, suddenly seemed to think of something. He turned his head vigorously and shouted, “Fairy Zhixi, Fairy Zhixi! Come and see what happened to Xiaotian? Didn’t you say that he has been cured? What’s wrong with him! Quickly come and see!”

Fairy Zhixi was also shocked by what happened before her eyes. She reacted abruptly when she heard Zhuge Feng’s words, and hurriedly came to Zhuge Xiaotian.

TL: Now what? You think you treat the illness?
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》