The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 976: Didn’t You Say It’s Cured?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 976: Didn’t You Say It’s Cured?

However, at this time, she was really panicking. She had just 1 thought in her mind.

How could it relapse again? How could it happen? My treatment plan can’t go wrong? Daddy can never go wrong!
It must not be because of the wrong treatment, but Zhuge Xiaotian is poisoned again!

That’s right, it can never be because my treatment failed! I only need to check at Zhuge Xiaotian’s aura, then I will know.

As Fairy Zhixi walked, she shook her head heavily as if to convince herself and as if to give herself confidence.

However, as soon as she walked to Zhuge Xiaotian and was about to check out his aura, Fairy Zhixi couldn’t help tremble seeing Zhuge Xiaotian’s current appearance.

Zhuge Xiaotian’s appearance was more terrifying than when he was in the basement that day.

His face had already been covered in red spots all over, and most of them had begun to ulcerate. Together with the spooky teeth and bloodthirsty eyes, it terrified the surrounding people and made their stomachs rolling.

Zhuge Feng was worried about his son’s illness, but he saw Lu Zhixi being stunned there with a look of fear and disgust. He couldn’t help but furiously said, “Fairy Zhixi, why are you standing there? Give Xiaotian treatment quickly!”

Lu Zhixi woke up suddenly. Her face turned pale, but she quickly regained her senses and released a white smoke.

White smoke spiraled into Zhuge Xiaotian’s nose. Zhuge Xiaotian, who was screaming and struggling, quickly calmed down and closed his eyes, but his body seemed to be twitching because of some pain.
When Lu Zhixi saw Zhuge Xiaotian finally calmed down, he was also quietly relieved.

Then she looked at Zhuge Feng and said sternly, “City Lord Zhuge, it stands to reason that the young city lord’s illness should be cured. I don’t know if someone else did something later. This requires a detailed examination and diagnosis. But now we should move the young city lord to a place where there is no sunlight.”

Zhuge Feng frowned with a gloomy face, and his knuckles were making a crackling sound.

He was originally ecstatic that his son had recovered, but his son suddenly became worse and more painful than before.

This feeling of losing hope was even worse than Xiaotian was never cured. It made him even more furious.

However, he calmed down and ordered the guards on the side, “Immediately carry the young city lord back to the basement.”

Several guards came forward, and the Yongan City people were in chaos.

“What happened to that just now? Isn’t he cured now?”

“Did you see the young city lord’s look just now? It’s so terrifying! If this isn’t cured, wouldn’t the young city lord become a cannibal monster?”

“Then who is the winner between the medical skill competition of Fairy Zhixi and Xi Yue!”

However, just when everyone was talking about the noise, another sudden change happened on the city wall.

When the guards rushed over and tried to carry the fainted Zhuge Xiaotian down the city wall, his body convulsed suddenly. He broke away with his bloodthirsty eyes.

The guard closest to Zhuge Xiaotian was stunned by his bloodthirsty eyes.

Immediately afterward, the guard was held on his neck, then he felt a sudden severe pain. Zhuge Xiaotian had bitten off a piece of meat together with his clothes.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》