The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 981: What’s the Flaw?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 981: What’s the Flaw?

Hexi ignored them, but squatted to Zhuge Xiaotian’s side, took a bit of his blood with a knife, and then used her spiritual power to feel it; she knew his situation immediately.

Zhuge Feng hesitated, “Miracle Healer Xi, what method are you going to use to treat Xiaotian’s disease? Blood sucking golden silkworm can’t cure him at all!”

“You don’t need to be suspicious when you decide to use someone.” Hexi turned around and looked at Zhuge Feng coldly, and she said in a deep voice, “City Lord Zhuge doesn’t even understand this principle? When Fairy Zhixi was doing the treatment, would you question him like that? “

Zhuge Feng shook his whole body, and he subconsciously bowed his head and apologized. After that, he did not dare to delay and quickly asked his subordinates to prepare blood sucking golden silkworms as soon as possible.

The blood sucking golden silkworms were quickly fetched, and the treatment process was as expected; it was almost exactly the same as Lu Zhixi’s.

The only difference was probably the medicinal pills that nourished blood. Although Lu Zhixi’s lingxue pill was precious, the blood it could replenish was only ⅓ at most.

Therefore, during Lu Zhixi’s treatment, she had to go through the process of blood sucking and releasing blood 3 times. It couldn’t be finished on the same day, otherwise the patient would not be able to bear it and would die of shock due to excessive blood loss.

The medicinal pills that Hexi gave Zhuge Xiaotian were the best quality fourth grade medicinal pills. Their main function was to nourish blood, but Hexi had just refined them, so she hadn’t named them yet.

Zhuge Xiaotian’s blood almost recovered instantly after taking these medicinal pills.

After an hour, the blood on his whole body had been completely replaced. The dense red spots and festers on his face had already healed a lot by now, and Zhuge Xiaotian’s eyes were also clear.

However, no one would approve of Hexi’s behavior.

Even on the city wall, many doctors looked at Hexi as if they were looking at a scum stealing other people’s things.

Li Zhenyu and Ren Xueling were even more mocking, sometimes amplifying their voices to explain the ins and outs of the matter to the people of Yongan City below.

When Lu Zhixi saw Hexi take back the blood sucking golden silkworm one by one; all Hexi’s actions were exactly the same as her, she finally couldn’t help but take a step forward and say gently, “Mr. Xi, although I don’t mind you stealing from me, we have just witnessed that the effect of this treatment method can only last for 2 days. It can’t completely cure the disease. You will only disappoint City Lord Zhuge and Young City Lord again, why would you want to do that?”

Hexi threw the blood sucking golden silkworm to the tray in Bai Hu’s hand, then she stood up, slowly looked at the doctors present, and finally turned her gaze on Lu Zhixi, “Fairy Zhixi, you keep saying that you know that this is a vampire disease. Then do you know what caused the vampire disease?”

Lu Zhixi was taken aback. She blurted out, “What?”

“The so-called vampire disease is indeed a blood disease. But does Fairy Zhixi think that the cause of the disease can be completely cured by exchanging blood?”

Lu Zhixi frowned and said in a low voice, “Since the blood is poisoned, what’s wrong with changing his blood? And, Mr. Xi, aren’t you doing this too?”

“I followed Fairy Zhixi’s method to treat the disease, but there is a fatal flaw in your treatment plan.”

Some of the doctors listening to the side could not help but say loudly, “What is the flaw?”


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