The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 997: The Unusual Li Zhenyu
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 997: The Unusual Li Zhenyu

But suddenly, Li Zhenyu felt a dullness in his chest, making him almost breathless.

Immediately afterward, even his head became chaotic as if it was shrouded in mist. He didn’t know where he was and what he did!

In the depths of his heart, a violent anger surged up, burning his sanity and making him hysterical.

Ren Xueling, who was standing next to him, thought his illness had relapse when she saw him trembling slightly. She supported him and asked, “Cousin, are you okay…”

“Go lost! Don’t touch me!” Before Ren Xueling’s words were finished, Li Zhenyu suddenly let out an angry growl, throwing away Ren Xueling with a face of disgust.

Ren Xueling was dumbfounded after being thrown away by Li Zhenyu.

Li Zhenyu laughed and said, “Ren Xueling, you ugly and stupid woman are actually my cousin. I feel ashamed to even think of it. If you weren’t the junior of Zhixi, you think I will care for you?”

Li Zhenyu’s voice was full of arrogance. Everyone could hear his words clearly.

Ren Xueling only felt an impact in her head; she was stupified immediately.

The man in front of her was obviously her who pampered and cared for her, but he had become so strange that she couldn’t recognize him at all.

But Li Zhenyu seemed unaware. He still continued to say, “Xi Yue, you lowly bastard, you dare to provoke Zhixi! You are simply tiring of living! Do you know who Zhixi is? She is my goddess, the woman whom I dare not to blaspheme even in my dream! And you… you dare to embarrass her!”

“It’s all to blame Yuehua, the old fool Yuehua! If it weren’t for him not believing in Zhixi’s medical skills and brought you bitch into the City Lord’s mansion, Zhixi wouldn’t have to suffer such humiliation.”

“Hehe, so, I spread rumors in Yongan City. I not only spread news about you, but I also let people leaked the facts that Yuehua can’t pill refining. Hahaha… how stupid the people in Yongan City are. As soon as the news spread, they believed them all! They even cursed that old fool Yuehua!”

“I know how much Yuehua cares about Yongan City. Letting him hear the people in Yongan City scold him is the best punishment for him. Hahaha… and I can even use Zhuge Feng to threaten him and let him listen to me to frame Xi Yue, this is simply 3 birds with 1 stone. As long as it succeeds, Xi Yue will be ruined. He will not be able to stand in the way of Zhixi.”

“But…” Li Zhenyu was saying excitedly, but at this point, his face was distorted, “But why, the development of things was not as I expected! Xi Yue actually succeeded in pill refining, and Zhuge Xiaotian is also cured, why?! Why can someone whom Zhixi can’t cure, but Xi Yue, a nobody, can cure? God is unfair!”

“And you–!!!” He looked fiercely at Zhuge Feng and Zhuge Xiaotian and his son, screaming sternly. “Zhuge Feng, Zhuge Xiaotian, you dare to announce that Zhixi lost to Xi Yue in public. Do you think Yunlan Sect and the Doctors Association will let you go?! Stop dreaming! You all shall wait. Even if Zhuge Xiaotian’s illness is cured, you will never end up well! Just wait for the revenge of me and Zhixi!!!”

TL: Turns out he is the crazy one. Will Zhixi still stand on his side now that he is in such a state?
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》