The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 1000: Not Comparable To Him
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 1000: Not Comparable To Him

Yeah! There is also the inestimable value cloud marrow pills that can help people to advance!

There are a total of 77 cloud marrow pills!

Hexi smiled slightly and said without hesitation, “The person who really refines these cloud marrow pills is Master Yuehua, so this furnace of pills belongs to him. If you want to buy it, just ask him.”

Master Yuehua’s eyes widened suddenly, “What? They belong to me? This… how can this be? Absolutely no! Absolutely no way!”

Hexi simply ignored Master Yuehua’s panic, and she said lightly, “Oh, right, remember to pay for the raw materials. With the 10 best quality flame spirit pills from last time, a total of 3 million crystals. Remember to pay it back early. Otherwise, I will count interest.”

3 million crystals; it is only 3 million crystals. It is not even the value of a cloud marrow pill.

Xi Yue’s words seemed indifferent and ruthless, but in fact, she gave him all the cloud marrow pills.

Master Yuehua only felt hot and humid in his eyes. His lips opened and closed countless times, trying to speak, but he couldn’t say a word.

The onlookers widened their eyes when hearing Hexi’s words. Then, everyone looked at Master Yuehua with gazes full of envy, jealousy and hatred.

Just because Master Yuehua helped Xi Yue a few times, he actually… he actually gave Master Yuehua a total of 77 cloud marrow pills!

If I knew early, I would also speak up for Xi Yue, and maybe I could still get a few pills.

There were a few doctors, who were really unwilling, even couldn’t help protesting to Hexi, “Mr. Xi, evem if Master Yuehua recovers the ability to refine pill, he is only a fourth-rank doctor. We are sixth rank doctors. Even our cultivation is higher than him, you… instead of giving the cloud marrow pills to Master Yuehua, you might as well give us a few so that these cloud marrow pills won’t be waste!”

Hexi smiled slightly and looked at him with a cold gaze, “Do you really think you are qualified to compare with Master Yuehua?”

“You… what do you mean by this? I’m a sixth rank doctor! Yuehua is just…”

“In my eyes, doctor rank is nothing!” Hexi interrupted him coldly, “And Master Yuehua has something you all don’t have; it’s something you can never compare to him.”

After speaking, she didn’t stay any longer. She took Nangong Yu’s hand and quickly walked down the city wall.

Before leaving, she only left a sentence to Zhuge Feng, “City Lord Zhuge, don’t forget to give me the agreed reward.”

We came for the Divine Soul Jade! I can don’t take anything else, but I must get the Divine Soul Jade!

Hmm… Of course, the bets in Changle Gambling House must not be forgotten.

As soon as Hexi left, the people around her naturally followed her and left quickly.

For a while, Zhuge Feng and his son and the group of doctors who looked at each other with ugly faces were left on the wall.

The sixth rank doctors who had just been reprimanded by Hexi couldn’t help saying ruthlessly, “That damn kid, how can he say that to me? How can he say that I will never be better than Yuehua…”

“Dr. Hu, do you know why Yuehua’s spiritual power collapsed and lost the ability to refine pill?” Zhuge Feng suddenly took a step forward and coldly interrupted him.

However, without waiting for Dr. Hu’s answer, Zhuge Feng looked at the densely packed citizen under the city wall with sharp and deep gazes, “Do you know? Why Master Yuehua would lose all future and hope at his glorious period of his lifetime?”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》