The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 1006: Don’t Be So Ruthless
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 1006: Don’t Be So Ruthless

Although everyone knew that the best quality pill came from Shengde Hall, few people really knew the relationship between Qingxia Sect and Shengde Hall.

But now they knew very clearly.

Everyone knew that Shengde Hall was Xi Yue’s private property. All the medicinal pills belonged to him. He could of course decide who should the medicinal pills sell to.

Everyone in Lanxiang Courtyard looked at each other with unsightly and panicky faces.

At this moment, Hexi was holding a chess piece in her hand, turning it lightly. She glanced over Gu Liufeng, Bai Hu, and finally Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu’s eyes were gentle. He was holding a black chess piece, and he placed it gently with a leisurely and contented expression.

Hexi was about to put down the white chess piece in her hand, then she suddenly heard Lu Zhixi saying, “Mr. Xi, although you are the young master of Shengde Hall, you use your authority to offend so many families for your own private gain. Isn’t this behavior too rash?”

“Don’t forget, these medicinal pills are not made by you. Have you consulted your master?”

Hexi smiled slightly and put down the white chess piece, then she stood up and smiled with her hands behind her back, “Of course, my master will have no objection. If Fairy Zhixi doesn’t believe it, you can go to him and ask.”

After that, she stopped looking at Lu Zhixi, but she smiled slyly at Nangong Yu, “It’s too noisy here. The yard is full of annoying people. Let’s forget about this game. We will play again next time.”

After she finished speaking, she waved her sleeves, turned around and left.

As soon as Hexi left, the corners of Nangong Yu’s mouth slowly curled up; he also left the place.

However, Bai Hu, Qing Luan and others held their fist to refrain themselves from laughing out; they all entered the room together.

Princess, you are so bad. What master; is no master at all.

All medicinal pills are refined by Xi Yue alone. Princess actually asked Fairy Zhixi to ask her Master, who should Fairy Zhixi ask?

For a while, the people in the Lanxiang Courtyard walked away completely. Only those, who looked furious, unwilling and helpless, were left here. A hint of fear and panic surged in everyone’s mind.

Especially those who were instigated by Li Zhenyu to turn against Xi Yue, they glared furiously at Li Zhenyu, and they were full of regret.

If they knew this would happen, they wouldn’t be tempted by Li Zhenyu’s little profit to go against Xi Yue!

Gu Liufeng’s move was so ruthless. What a collective punishment!

If it was just themselves being retaliated against, then it’s not a big problem. If the family was implicated, would they have a good life in the future?

Now, they wanted to kowtow to beg for mercy, but would the other party still give them this opportunity?

Seeing that Hexi and others had left, Shen Sen shook her head with a smile, cupped her fist toward everyone in the courtyard, and prepared to leave.

However, Lu Zhixi took a step forward and blocked Shen Sen’s path, “Elder Shen, don’t be so ruthless, Qingxia Sect has always been righteous and chivalrous, can’t Elder Shen forgive everyone here?”

Shen Sen stopped and said with a gentle expression, “Fairy Zhixi, as I said just now, all the medicinal pills of Qingxia Sect are provided by Shengde Hall. Since Shengde Hall is unwilling to sell to these families, I can only act accordingly. Please forgive me Fairy Zhixi.”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》