The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 1008: Can’t Tell Good from Bad
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 1008: Can’t Tell Good from Bad

Before Lu Zhixi left home, she had heard her father and the elders in the association discussed that they wanted to re-support a sect as the representative of the Doctors Association. If Feng Family really disappointed them, they could use it to replace the Feng Family.

In Lu Zhixi’s view, Qingxia Sect’s comprehensive strength even surpassed Feng Family, and Qingxia Sect could almost be regarded as the Shen Family.

If the Shen Family could be supported as a puppet of the Doctors Association, it would obviously be more suitable than the current Feng Family.

However, to Lu Zhixi’s expectation, Shen Sen was just surprised for a moment before saying with a faint smile, “Thank you Fairy Zhixi for your kindness, but we have a good cooperation with Shengde Hall now, so I don’t want to consider changing partner yet. If Fairy Zhixi has nothing else for me, then I’ll leave first.”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t even look at Lu Zhixi’s reaction and didn’t wait for Lu Zhixi to say anything; he just turned around and left.

Lu Zhixi stood there with a stunned expression, looking at the back of Shen Sen’s resolute figure. She couldn’t recover her senses for a long time.

Rejected? Shen Sen rejected?

The conditions I offered is dreamed of by many families, but this man actually rejected?!

An unspeakable anger surged in Lu Zhixi’s heart. This anger even made her unwilling and hated even more than her being ashamed by Xi Yue in public.

When is the dignified Doctors Association, in the eyes of others, inferior to Shengde Hall and Xi Yue?

Ren Xueling, who listened to their conversation, stomped her feet fiercely and cursed loudly, “What Qingxia Sect’s elder, I think he has a problem with his brain! He didn’t even put our Doctors Association in his eyes. Really can’t tell good from bad! Senior sister, there will always be times when they regret it!”

Lu Zhixi’s eyes were dark, and the hands hanging beside her were clenched into fists.

That’s right, I will definitely make all these people regret it!

Lu Zhixi and Ren Xueling were full of anger, thinking about how to make Qingxia Sect and Xi Yue regret in the future.

However, the people in the yard looked at each other in panic when they saw the result.

Not long ago, Qingxia Sect was also short of medicinal pills due to Feng Family, and the cultivation among their disciples wasn’t smooth. Many of the unsettled outer disciples even switched to other factions such as the Yunlan Sect.

However, they suddenly had a large amount of top and upper grade medicinal pills.

Not only was there ample supply in the sect, but there was even a margin for public sale. Those disciplines that left the Qingxia Sect were really regretful.

Because now Qingxia Sect not only inner disciples, but outer disciples would also get a certain amount of best quality pill every year.

That was the best quality pill! It couldn’t be bought even with money in the market out there!

The large number of medicinal pills that Qingxia Sect suddenly took out caused many discussions throughout Tian Gang Kingdom.

At the beginning, everyone guessed that a pill refining master suddenly appeared in Qingxia Sect, but how could a pill refining master refine such a huge amount of medicinal pills, this was where most people were puzzled.

Today, this mystery had finally been solved. It turned out… that the medicinal pills of Qingxia Sect were all provided by Shengde Hall!

The little Shengde Hall could provide such a huge amount of best quality pills, what kind of power was behind them?

Although the best quality pill was ridiculously high in price, the effect was amazing.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》