The Last Kiss
72 Love Letter
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The Last Kiss
Author :Hopesforsale
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72 Love Letter

She felt sorry for him. but what to do. He already left the house. She does not know why she is behaving like this. Of course she likes him but don't know why she is this much stubborn to accepting that she love him.


Class started next day. Of course, the lecturing was boring. Jane's mind was nowhere in the class. She was thinking again and again over the reply she need to give to Desmond.

'What should I do. Of course he saved me once. I am thankful to him for that. That does not mean that I owe him my life. After all it is my life and I can take the decision; especially with whom I should live. I cannot commit to any one just because of my obligations.' She was scribbling on her text book while thinking on these things. Ms Watson caught her.

"Jane if you are not interested in my class, just leave." she said.

Jane is busy scribbling the paper. What the hell is going on. The whole class knows the temper of Ms Watson. The atmosphere tensed up.

"Jane", her voice was cold.

Sheila just pinched Jane so that she revert to reality.

"Why you pinched me? It hurts, you wanna make me mad?" she shouted at Sheila.

'Oh no, it is class room. She looked around and noticed a bunch of eyes staring at her and eyes of Ms Watson began to emit fire.

"Get out " nothing more, just two words. Ms Watson looked back to teaching materials and students followed her.

She simply looked at Sheila. Her face was red. She took her bag and went out of the class.

She straight went to the library. But it was full and again she went to the park near to the college. She sat there in a quiet corner. She is unable to make decision. Suddenly a student from another class approached her.

"Can I have your language test. I forgot to bring the text." the boy said.

"Whats your name and which class?" frankly she don't know this guy.

"I am Frank in Business" he introduced.

She gave him the text and reminded him to give it back by afternoon.

She went back to class after Ms Watson's class is over and sat there. She was angry to Sheila for pinching her. ...... She had to take a lot of effort to explain her what happened actually.

By afternoon Frank returned her book.

When she opened it in the class, she found a bit of paper in it.

"My love for you is a huge rock and you cannot break it or move it but can hug it"

"What???? Frank was a foreigner and he was not at all good in English but still he managed to write a few words to her.

"I appreciate the effort he has put in but there is a limit for everything" she tore the paper and then throw it out through the window.

Adrian was standing there outside the window. On seeing someone throwing the paper out, he moved to the window to see who it is..... Jane!!!!

His friend asked him to pick those papers up. They tried to join them and read the matter.

They did not attend the next two classes. How can they, they were busy with joining bits of paper...... At last they read those words.

Fine....... his friend told him "She loves you and wrote this to you Adrian. You lucky chap, treat me today. Now our Desmond can help you to get more close to her. Talk to him."

"Nonsense, who willl give a love letter after tearing it into this much bits." Adrian was sad.

"This can be the new trend. She may be testing you whether you will try hard to get to know what it is. Stay positive. You got a letter." his friend was very positive. Soon the news spread among the students but Jane never showed any interest towards Adrian. So, they were not willing to believe what his friend said..

Next day was a holiday and Sheila was inside her room, sleeping.

Jane wake up early and decided to go to church. Her mind was upset. She dont want to repeat incidents similar to what happened in the class yesterday.

She prayed a lot. "Jesus, I am going to confess to him. BLess us"

She stood up and turned back to leave. Desmond was standing behind her. She got nervous for a moment and then lowered her gaze from him.

"I heard all that you said to Jesus. I promise you in front of Jesus that from now, you are mine and I am yours. Once we get a job here, we can register our marriage. I know sometimes I may loose my whole family and business empire. I was never ever worried about losing them. They are not my area of interest. You are my priority. Be with me for ever. I know what your biggest fear is. I will never force you for intercourse before marriage. "

He expected her to look into his eyes but she was blushing and looks down. They hugged and walked out of the church. They started dating. Their relationship was something different from others. They shared not just love but also respect to each other.

As promised, their relationship never went beyond kiss. They believed in sex after marriage. If they want, they had a lot of chances but they never did. After graduation Sheila came back but she continued her stay there during her stay back. Sheila gave birth to Michael and Fred and lost contact with her later.


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