The Prince's Royal Proposal
47 Warning Explicit Scenes
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The Prince's Royal Proposal
Author :TheIllusionist
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47 Warning Explicit Scenes

WARNING: this chapter may contain some things that are not suitable for kids or not open minded people. But I am not good at erotic scenes, hell I know! I just got knowledge from reading and describing so, sorry about it. If you are already at age 18 you can read it if you want. But I will delete few scenes and just let your mind wonder about it. Sorry Guys!


Edmond and Gia had visited the care center where the kids are learning while playing. They had joined them and teach them some things. Edmond enjoyed a face painting. He let the kids paint his gorgeous face and his hand and arms. Gia smiled at him while he is grinning. The girls are making him a Barbie doll but he just let them enjoy his gorgeous face.

They had enjoyed the kids and then they went for lunch together with Erik who is with them like a chaperon with body guards. Edmond keep on talking on such things, some things are nonsense but they laugh about it. He's losing humor, she thought. Though Gia can feel that someone is watching her she had ignored it.

They walk in the street as Edmond holds her soft hand. She just let him hold her because she missed it a lot. She was craving for more like, jumping into his bones. He felt the same too. The affection between them is very strong that can't hardly resist. They tour around telling him her plans on extending the small island and make a bridge to another side of the Island.

"I have an underwater compound here on the deep sea of Sulu." She said.

"Really? Can we go there?" he asked excited about it.

"Yes, I just send a message for a submarine." She told him. They had enter some tunnel all the way to the deep sea and found a submarine. They rode the high tech design of submarine and rode on the deep sea of Sulu. It was in the very deep part away from the islands. He admired the fishes and other sea creatures.

"This is a secret compound of mine. I force my father to build this when I was just ten years old."

"He is willing to give you everything." he said. She smiled.

"He is, besides, he wanted to give the whole world for me but I don't want it to be mine because I'm not that selfish. I am contented on what I have. I don't need too much material things. He just gives this to me because I can't make it in DIA, my dream school."

"So what's DIA?" He asked.

"It was actually confidential but I know you know a lot of my family before—" she didn't continue it. He was about to speak but she speaks first. "DIA is a spy school. So you can see that these people are DIA agents. They manage the peacefulness of the world, also the justice."

They had arrived to the compound and he was so excited about it. They roam around where there is a laboratory and rooms and cafeteria. There are also entertainment things around. They can play basketball or even enjoy swimming with the fishes. He wanted to ask her if she remember their kiss last night but he better not asked about it.

They are inside the room with round glass to see the view. It was beautiful and he felt that it was their romantic moment. Did he have to get a score on her this time? But Erik is there so he can't make it. Then in three they go back on the island.

"I will go back to my house now to take a nap." She said. Edmond nods and he escort her on the private elevator.

"Can I come over tonight?" he asked.

"Sure." She smiles.

"Cool." He was like a teenager or something. She enters the elevator.

When he got into their suite he takes a nap. Then, when six o'clock struck he goes to have a bath getting ready to come over in her house. He told Erik to stay in the suite but Erik insisted to come to him.

"I will just call you later to tell you I'm fine. Besides, I have body guards that will lead me there."

"As you wish." He told nodding. It's seven and he rushed out. Erik made a phone call to the King telling about it.

"Just let him do it by himself. He had done it without anyone guarding him." The King told.


Gia was relaxing on her Jacuzzi on the great room in her red bikini watching the city lights. She had a bottle of champagne at the side with scented candles and a glass of champagne in her hand. She was leaning on the bathroom pillow eyes close. She was listening on the instrumental music. Then her AI interrupted.

"Miss, Prince Edmond is here." the AI said. Gia raise her head and he is standing on the private elevator. He smiles.

"Good evening." He was wearing a blue shirt and black jeans. She smiles and got out from Jacuzzi. He stared at her body from head to toe. She's a goddess with those beautiful curves and that firm skin of her. She picks the robe and put it on her.

"Please, feel at home." She said. He smiles cockily and she just shook her head. "So, I had cooked pasta if you like and had ordered pizza..."

"That would be great." He said as they headed to the kitchen.

Edmond helped her to settle it on plates. They ate their pasta on the counter table sitting on the stool while talking and talking. Then they headed to the great room with pizza on his hand. He can't help but glanced on her round full sexy butt. She was sexy from head to toe. She was even gorgeous that's why she had this obsessed stalker. The robe that she's still wearing is soaking on the wet hot bikini that she is wearing.

He settled on the three marble stairs around the Jacuzzi while she went back on the Jacuzzi with champagne on her hand. They are eating the thin crust cheesy pizza that she ordered.

"How many boys did you dumped in high school?" he asked. She thinks for a while.

"I don't know they are too many." Edmond laughs. "They keep on sending flowers like it's my burial everyday..."

"Then you told them to saved it in your burial?" he joked. She stopped and turns her head to him. That's what she exactly said. Is it possible that he can still revive the memories of them? "Sorry, did I say it wrong?"

"No, it's what I said exactly." She said grinning. He laughs and swigs on his champagne. She stood from the Jacuzzi heading to the sofa while wiping herself with the towel and she put her robe on open.

"So, how long do you know Erik?" he asked.

"Four years and a half I guess." She said.

Edmond stood and walk towards her putting the champagne on the coffee table. He looked at her intensively and she also did the same. He moved forward scooping her cheeks kissing her like a hungry cave man. She did the same kissing him back. This is what she's been waiting all this time. That's why she's seducing him. She knew that the strong bond and attraction between them will make him love her.

He sucked her lower lips and back inside of her mouth. Then he stopped stepping back holding his hands up. She was puzzled but found it amusing.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I can't help myself." She folds her arms tilting her head gazing at him while breathing softly.

"Hmm," she shrugged. "I don't know..." Edmond was puzzled. She doesn't know what? Is she going to put him on jail on harassing her? "Try it again." She smirked. He grinned lopsidedly putting his hands down.

He grabbed her waist until they are closed to each other. He removed the ponytail and tucked his fingers on her hair to the back of her head. He smelled her. She smelled enticing that makes him aroused. She can feel his arousal because his pelvis is pressed on her tummy. He opens his mouth a little and invades her lips parting it. They kissed passionately like they have been in love spell. No control at each other. Edmond and Gia falls on the sofa. His hand caressed her sides up and had removed the robe on her. She wrapped her legs around his waist not even breaking their kiss.

His hands removed her bra throwing it somewhere. Gia snapped her fingers to close the curtains. He catches his breath looking down at her round full breast. He kissed her lips and smiles.

"You are beautiful..." he told.

"Naked? Of course all men will say that." She teased.

"Inside and covered." He told and kissed her again and again until it goes down her jaw line.

He nibbled her neck licking and sucking it. His other hand holds one of her breast squeezing it feeling how hard her nipples are. He had to admit that he doesn't remember that he had sex already but with her, everything are just flowing and his body knows where to go. She gasped in pleasure. She was longing for that touch. She pulls his shirt off above his head.

They get intimate first on the loveseat then move to the bedroom to fulfill their needs.

He fell on her neck breathing heavily. He giggles and she did. He gently gets himself out of hers. They hugged each other until they are in another shot. He stood pulling her up. He carried her to the love seat and sat there while she's sitting on his lap legs spread in front. They did it there in three times of their orgasms and rest for a while. She was lying on his arms while he's hugging her from the back.

Then she sat up standing up in the dark. He watches her perfect body in the silhouette. She picks her robe nearby and wears it.

"Hon, where are you going?" he asked.

"Drink some water." She said and headed outside. He waited there and thinks about their mind blowing sex. It was a minute ago after she was gone so he missed her easily and he put his boxer short from the floor and run to the kitchen.

Gia thinks about the possibility when he leaves. She doesn't want him to leave and be with her until they are still breathing. She drank the water that she is holding. A warm arms wrapped around her. He smelled her hair kissing her cheek. He holds the glass that she is holding and swigs it to his mouth for a drink. He put it down and turns her around. He was playful that she can't even resist.

"Let's make our moment here." he said grinning. She giggles and they do it on the stool and on the counter table. Then they go back to bed and do it there again. She was on top of him pleasuring each other when a head ache strikes him. Like some things are on his mind, flashing. She stopped and kissed his head.

"Calm down, okay. Breathe and I will continue to lessen the head ache." She said and he did as what she told. She become aggressive until they reach their climax.

She lies beside him and hums to make him asleep. The sound is good in his ear. It was relaxing and it makes the pain on his head relieved.

Eight in the morning he wakes up as the beam of light from the curtains is passing to his face. He rolls over and found her sexy back. The satin sheet is only covering the down part under her spine. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the tattoo. But it's not actually a tattoo more like a birth mark. He caressed it. It was sexy though. He moved to her, she's hugging the pillow while her chest is pressed on it. He kissed her naked shoulder while he is rubbing her sides to wake her up but nothing. He moved on her neck and stopped when he saw the same tattoo like his on her left wrist. It was his name on it. He sat up looking down at her. He was confused and curious. She was wearing the same bracelet he had and the engagement ring she is wearing is familiar.

He got it, it is something to him. Something strong to him that he can't even resist. He kissed her forehead when he heard a whimpering outside the door. He covered the duvet over her shoulder and went outside after wearing his boxer shorts. Dane and Psyche is sitting in front of the door with those cute eyes.

"Oh, you must be hungry." He said and walks them in the kitchen as they follow.

He give them their breakfast that has levels on the cabinet. Then he went back to her room to wake her up or cuddles to her more. But he passed the open gallery and there is only one painting left that has a cover. He was curious about it so he went inside. As he faced the painting in the stand he breathes. Gia had told him not to open or touched it but then he removed the covers that makes him stopped and stomach flutters.


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