The Simulation System!
1 The Simulation System.
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The Simulation System!
Author :BlueLightToTheWest
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1 The Simulation System.

Quinn was part of the reason his world survived.

It was sort of like a soap opera, and the world was going to end unless he was a hero!

Ever since the thousand races came gunning out of the dimensional portals, he had been working on a strategy for underhandedly forcing peace. In his way were elves, gnomes, wizards, warlocks, genies, and demons resistant to bullets to the head.

All the races were at each other's throats, but Quinn as a genius scientist, mathematician, scholar, and inventor created a council and eventually a gaming committee.

When the first round of the simulation game started, only villages had to be maintained. He, as one of the committee members, was a game leader of humans, and built a city called Mythos! The elves and other races took to the game, and after a few years peace was at last upon them. Because they were so addicted to the game, no wars were fought on the battlefield!

This lasted for a few years, and finally Quinn died happily saving the world with an old age game over. He drifted into an eternal sleep on the ocean as thousands of races saluted him.

"If he is reincarnated as an elf, let him get many wives!"

"No… let him be born as a pixie, and to do so let's burn him to the heavens!"

"Hmph, us orcs prefer smashing, let's just smash him!"

The races were friendly after being in game together, and eventually with large weapons and appropriate style, they crushed his skull, burned his remains, and competed over mangling his torso. As the hero of humanity, Quinn sighed as he walked into the reincarnation palace.

He, in his life, had never imagined such a thing possible. In fact, he'd run simulations in his lab, and this was exactly what he wouldn't do as a god. Why recycle when you can start from scratch? Luckily, the gods weren't him.

In his face, inside the palace, was a small goddess girl with wings in sexy, bubblegum like apparel. She fluttered her wings and popped out a few holes in her pink bubble gum brassiere as she fixed her quite awkward underwear from exposing her more.

Quinn could only walk into the doorway with his head down. After all, his memories, and inventions would be gone. All his theories about artificial intelligence and dynamics wasted. Perhaps he'd be a frog, though, and could ribbit peacefully as opposed to be that fly in its mouth.

"Ah… what do you think of my lingerie… Do you like your reward?"

Quinn scratched his head. For some reason, this reminded him of a gentlemen's club. "Uhm, yes… I suppose you're pretty."

The goddess laughed and jiggled with her pearly jugs bouncing.

"He… hehe… Well, before you came along cowboy, I was going to be overworked." She bit her lip and fluttered over to Quinn. He still had his body and could feel… wow that was good!

"You're so good at that," Quinn acknowledged her tongue in his mouth was a bit strange but rewarding. Everything turned dark and then he felt something tied around his head.

The next moment, he felt himself spinning and woke up!

Wasn't he going to get to see what she did next?

Her hand was near his…


" Ding! Goddess has granted you body of Prince of Mythos… Acquired the Simulation System"

<System loading 20%....50%....100%>

Name: Quinn Fletcher l Spirit Roots : 8 / 10 [Supreme Magic Grade]

Strength 1 l Constitution 1 l Dexterity 5 l Intelligence 10 l Wisdom .5 l Charisma 3

(Average human is 1)

Simulants (Sims) – 5 / 2096 [level 1 maximum]

"System grants you the ability to use simulants to increase ability. Simulants are simulated humans meant for increasing traits and to help build your kingdom."

[Simulants available being generated]

Attack Simulant – 2 / 800

Defense Simulant – 2 / 1000

Leveling Simulant – 1 / 200

Sect Simulant – 0 / 96

"Each simulant comes with accompanying skills. If you wish to delegate a simulant, please choose one to begin simulation."

Quinn could only sigh. He had no choice but to humor this delusion with his reasoning.

"So… if you're like my game… show all three paths currently available!"

*Ding! *

[Attack Skills available via simulation]

Drunken fist – 20 hours - 0 / 20 simulants

Fire Roundhouse – 100 hours - 0 / 50 simulants

Purple Lightning Hand Mill – 60 hours - 0 / 10 simulants

[Defensive Skills Available via simulation]

Rock Skin – 50 hours – 0 / 25 simulants

Phoenix Limb Regeneration (Basic) – 500 hours - 0 / 50 simulants

Organ Strengthening Manual – 100 hours - 0 / 25 simulants

Leveling Simulants

Magus (Mortal Building Realm Stage 1) – 160 hours – 0 / 80 simulants

Warrior ( Physical Building Realm Stage 1) – 60 hours – 0 / 20 stimulants

Cultivator [locked]


Quinn knew a lot about simulants and wished to start simulating immediately.

"System put 2 simulants into Drunken fist, 2 into Rock skin, and 1 into the Warrior path!"


[Confirmed! Simulation for Drunken Fist will take 10 hours… Rock Skin 25 hours, and 120 hour till Warrior second stage.]

"Wait… but why 120 hours? Shouldn't it be 60?"

"Ding… wrong… stimulants are calculated based on different algebraic system… ratio is 2 / 1 per first sim, and second sim creates 1 / 2 duration. With 3rd simulant time would decrease to 1 / 4 time."

Quinn felt like he'd read about this nightmare in an essay by Vicklestein. When you go to another universe, certain realities remain constant, but logic is a creation. All those who have to follow it are at its mercy.

Be that as it may, a smile donned Quinn's face along with a tunic over the shoulders. He walked down the stairs feeling as if he was divided into six.

However, he'd have to close his eyes to see the simulants at work.

Now, though, the stairs took him down to his village.

He couldn't wait to see what his village looked like and walked out the doorway brimming with a smile.


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