The Wishful System
15 The Truth
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The Wishful System
Author :LoneWolf835
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15 The Truth

As Wolf was thinking what to do next. RuYi started a conversation

[-You don't smile like you used to -]

I did not reply

[-The smile that you frequently used-]


[-It was filled with happiness, joy, and love-]



Minutes pass without speaking

[- I-I-I Ki---l-]

But she was interrupted by Wolf

"Shut Up!!" It was filled with sadness

"I know... I know." With the kindest and understanding tone, I could muster.

I heard her cry in my head. So I wished her a body, with a poof a white-haired loli with no clothes on

appeared, the instant she realized she had a body she jumped towards me.

I let her cry on me for a while until she calmed down.

*Like this:*

When she was done, I gave her the smile I used to give... them both, the happy, joyful, loving smile. She saw it and to her eyes, it was like a gift sent from God himself, Ruyi smiled back, emotions exploding like bombs she leaned in for a kiss but was stopped by a finger.

"Hehehehe Ru-chan, you can't take my first kiss."

[-Why not-] pouting

"Well someone has been very naughty lately"

[- I-I Fine, it's the least I can do-]

I got up and removed my ring

"I think I should head back now."

[-Where are we going?-]

"We need to go find my precious pillow first then go to the Dragon ball z Verse.

I went to Mongolia and used my Kenbunshoku Haki. My Haki right now is strong enough to, search entire cities, so you can imagine how easy it was to find my pillow.

"Ah, Pillow-Chan I missed you so much!" I kept kissing it, right in front of RuYi to make her jealous.

Buuuut I forgot that it was a pillow so Ruyi had to stop me from taking my clothes off.

I looked at the body pillow and... got kind of aroused, but then looked at how it is not in tatters no stains no nothing.

"Hey, Ruyi you think I should reward someone."


she starts to turn around get on her hands and knees

[-Smack m"No"-] While I interrupted her I realized she was still naked

I took out some clothing but also said "Are you not embarrassed to let people see your body naked?" [-What do you mean? Even if I have a body that does not mean I have lost my powers. So I turned my body invisible.-]

"...Oh, so you are an exhibitionist hu" RuYi blushes but also did not deny it...

I left Wendy a pendant... A pendant that will keep you safe from any harm, making you indestructible, and untouchable for about 1 year, also a note that says I am leaving.

I left swiftly and went back to the big tree and used "World Warp"

"To the Dragon ball z Verse!"

[-To OpMonkeys Verse-]


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