The World Never Enough
4 Is This Kid Crazy?
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The World Never Enough
Author :RageBanana
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4 Is This Kid Crazy?

"Brace yourself guys! incoming!"

Ricky alerting his subordinate from incoming of timber wolf. when he was came here after make a report to Bruno, the situation already on mess. some animal already goes out of forest, even timber wolf that rarely appear coming here. he already sent his most capable subordinate Niko. Niko isn't good at fighting, but he is smartest of all his subordinate, so he won't make mistake when he was reporting to Bruno.

"damn it! why the hell this is happening? what happen inside forest?"

Ricky is so frustrated, because the situation are worsen than predicted. He was prepare for the worst situation, and that was appearance of 'Forest Nightmare'. this time that beast can't be sight, only wild beast and animal can be seen. but the quantity are not expected, fifty or more barb was entering the farm. even two packs of timber wolf was goes out from forest. timber wolfs usually dwells inside deeper forest and avoiding forest nightmare territory.

at first they thought a wolf pack was chasing after group of barb that running out of forest, but when Ricky group tried to drive them away, the wolf fought them bitterly with them. it's like they don't have any choice and didn't want to come back into forest. when Ricky group starting to killing one or two wolf from the pack, another pack was coming from the deep of forest. Ricky doesn't have any choice but retreat into post station and let the wolf entering the farm.

(did this is what damned beast doing? no it can't be)

after meeting forest nightmare several time, Ricky learning habit of the beast. He knew sometimes forest nightmare is doing something unbelievable like learning how to avoid their trap, or how they camouflage their scents. but forest nightmare never scheming something like this. rather than never more precisely we call it 'it can't'.

Ricky knew that forest nightmare is smart. but it just a beast, it intelligency just growing like trained dog or cat, not more. it can't creating it own scheme, so these can't be forest nightmare scheme.

(something must happened inside the forest.)

"report captain! we succeed driving away other one pack of wolves into south part of the forest. just this pack left. because we let in entering the farm, some of them already wrecking villager farm."

"good! what about the barb?"

Ricky thought was disturb by report from his subordinate. when they saw second pack of wolves they was split the team into two. first team contain biggest number from Ricky subordinate are eight people has job to driving another pack of wolves away from the forest. and second team Ricky and three other subordinate has job to keeping guard the pack that entering into farm. Ricky already ordering Niko to make emergency signal and evacuation signal, he knew Niko won't fail him. when he dragging pack of wolves into farm, he didn't seen any farmer, so Niko really do great job.

"the barb is scattered to south and north part of the forest when we let pack of wolves entering the farm, so the damage is not to big, but.."

"but what?"

"but why the wolves choosing to entering the farm rather than chasing the barb. it's really weird."

"yeah, i already knew this is really weird. but rather than thinking that we don't understand, we must kill the wolves that entering into farm. from sixteen wolf that tried to entering the farm we already kill four of them, let's cleaning the remain."

"""""aye aye captain!"""""

"remember your equipment just leather armor and wooden sheild. it still good when you fighting against barb, but you need extra carefully when facing against timber wolves!"

Iron and steel isn't expensive commodity on maquisdom. but for remote area of wales town plate armor and shield is rarely got transported into here. the easier one is iron sword. town financial isn't enough to guarding every village with full of knight post station, but this town has special case when there are 'forest nightmare' so they build knight station here and recruit people to became guard knight of this village. but the knight didn't get best equipment, they just got some leather armor and wooden shield. Ricky was exception because he was ex-subordinate of Bruno who guarding marquis, he using steel sword, armor and shield.

his man was facing the wolves one after another. they facing one wolves each, he knew some of them will not left uninjured. and what Ricky fought is leader of the pack, female wolf that size twenty percent bigger than other wolves. he know he can with against it, but it'll take some time before he can help his subordinate.

Ricky make offensive movement into the wolf. feel a crisis with Ricky presence, the wolf keep moving away from Ricky and keeping it distance.

(damn it. this'll be bad if i fought too long. i will lost some of my man this time?)

"need hand?"

familiar voice that can be heard make Ricky felt so relieved. Voice of annoying guy that sometime became so reliable.

"just help my man! some of them is not strong enough to fought wolves."

"don't worry~ ex-captain and ray already helping them. captain ordering me to help you, so don't let this one escape okey?"

"got it~"

the wolves leader was looking at it's kind got slaughter one after another by two of three man that just come. her plan is to luring this dangerous man in from of her so the other can killing weakest man one by one. but with arrival of another three dangerous man the situation was reversed. some of wolves tried to escape but two man that just come was fast and strong, they closed the escape route and slaughter them. the wolves leader know that she can't escape from here, another man that was come cleverly circling her and closing any possible way to escape.

"let's finish this, so ray can't make unnecessary remark to me!"

Ricky only gave a smiled to Max word. it's been long time since they fought together. it's make him feel so nostalgic.


Ricky step his feet with his full might, then he raised his sword high and slashing it down into the wolf. of course the wolf evading his attack easily, but the wolf was confused because Ricky is smiled when the wolf evading Ricky attack.

"uann.. yelp~" STAB!

A sword was penetrate wolf body from behind. Ricky made loud step on shout to covering the sound of his friend that moving same pace with him to attacking the wolf from behind. the momentum was so perfect that made the wolf catching his guard. Ricky knew that his friend Max is master on situation like this, so he intentionally make ruckus with his own movement. but the wolf isn't dead yet. it tried to escape once more but..

"too late.."

Ricky already anticipate wolf movement, with a slash that leaving trail of thin light that hardly to seen, he hack the wolf neck off. the wolf head rolling in the ground leaving it dumbfounded expression.

"「Mana Edge」huh?"

"no, the light is hardly to seen, so it's a「Light Slash」right?"

Max question got denied by Ray remark. Like animal that growth abnormally because power of mana. some human can use their intelligent for using power of mana. 「Mana Edge」is one of it. it was high level difficult technique that can only be used by elite of knight in the Kingdom. 「Mana Edge」is crystallization hard work of human being, so they can equal to beast that can use power of mana. so small knight like Ricky, Max and Ray, don't have hope to learn it. they just heard it from story of great people in the kingdom can use it.

like it's name 「Mana Edge」, it was using conctration of mass mana and focusing it into entire body, then you must channel it into your weapon that creating bright light edge that enveloping your weapon. this light not only enveloping your weapon, but like it name 'Edge' it's enhancing your weapon power until it feel sharper until it make you can cut a steel easily like hot knife that cutting butter. 「Light Slash」is far-downgrade version of 「Mana Edge」, it's technique just focusing one slash using strengthing power of mana, but if you compare it with normal attack, it still make your power and speed twofold.

"you learn it just one year Ricky? you are really genius!"

"no my lord, i am just normal guy, if i was comparing my talent with you."

Looking at his subordinate grew, Bruno can help to make remark. but his remark got denied by the guy himself. so he can only shook his head and smiled.

Ricky was indeed genius man, just showing him how to do 「Ligh Slash」 a year ago. he already can use it now. even Max and Ray that learn got advice by Bruno in training everyday can't compare to Ricky progress. Max and Ray already grasping the essence of technique, but they still doesn't sure to use it in practical battle. but Ricky that learning alone in this remote area already use it in battle.

"don't say that Ricky~ if you are normal guy, so we that learn together with you are just a garbage."

"no, i don't mind it like that, sorry. but look at my hand, it already shaking with just one slash."

denying another harsh remark from Max, Ricky showing his hand that shaking because of fatigue of using the technique.

"Enough, you two. Ricky get some rest and Max help me to collect wolves corpse"

"So, what happened here Ricky?"

the argument of Ricky and Max was stopped by Ray. and then Bruno was asking Ricky what happened around here.

"Yes my lord, it's like this.."

then Ricky explains what happened, from he got here until Bruno coming and helping them.

"So, what your thought Ray?"

"I think it is not what forest nightmare doing, when we look at the wild beast that running from west to east, and turning into south or north without problem. so i think 'something' else coming from deeper part of the forest."

"oh, i think so too"

"we will got many roast wolf and boar today!"

Ray and Ricky thought was same about the forest situation. they ignoring stupid remark from Max.

"Wait! what do you mean something else? it is not that stupid boar?"

"sigh.. is you ever using that brain of your?"

"what did you say!?"

by sudden realization of Ray word, Max asking something that he understand but as usual Ricky and Max start to arguing.

"enough you two! we are at serious situation!"

Ray was angry because these two still joking in situation like this.

""our apologize, my lord!""

"So what do you mean about 'something else' Ray?"

Bruno just giving a hand to his subordinate that was apologizing to him.

"i don't know either my lord. but from Ricky explanation, we can draw conclusion that forest nightmare can't do any scheme like this. so what do you have Ricky? is there any idea what's going on?"

Ray just drawing conclusion from Ricky explanation, but he still don't know about what happened inside the forest. that's why he throwing the question into Ricky.

"hmm, i just don't know. but one thing that i knew, the forest nightmare will come here! that's why, i ordering Niko to ask for reinforcement."


three of them were surprised with Ricky remark, it never crossed in their mind that forest nightmare will appear today.

"why do you think like that Ricky?"

"just imagine. if these wild animal was running from something that appear in the forest. what about forest nightmare? will it fight that 'something' or just running like other beast?"

Ricky deepen his voice when he asking it back.

"we... don't know."

"that's why, i prepare the worst scenario!"

"enough! we will prepare worst scenario, but first we must cleaning these mess first!"

"""Yes my lord!"""



when they are finish cleaning the mess, it was already mid noon. so they are resting on the post station.


a cute girl or boy with silver hair waving his hand to Bruno co. he was bringing a straw basket with him.

"Amber, what are you doing here? it's still dangerous here! why Martha let you coming here?

"mom asking me to bring food for you."

of course it was a lie. Martha is planning to bring the food herself. but before so going here, she has left the basket on table. so Amber sneaky take the basket and bringing it here. but Bruno isn't easily to be tricked. hr knew that Amber was sneaking here.

"sigh.. i knew you are lying to me. your mom will be angry if she was found out. quickly return to your home after you left the basket there."

"but.. i.."

"listen to your uncle lad~ it was dangerous here, you better get-"


max word was disturbed by shout of Ricky man. but before they can ask happened to him. they already understand because something appearing behind him. something that big, they hated, and they knew well.

The Forest Nightmare.





The lord is so angry. it never think that it'll got fooled twice by black monkey. after losing black monkey trace the lord was going to take his revenge to other bald monkey. but who knows, before he goes to bald monkey territory he met bald monkey that scouting the forest. so when he saw bald monkey, the lord instantly fly into rage and chasing it.

the lord never imagined that he'll meet with his damned e enemy. especially he saw metallic platted bald monkey that have one leg. he knew this bald monkey is the one that stole half of his vision! with full rage the lord was charging into the man with wood leg.






Bruno shouting with all of his might. everyone who hear the shout will feel heavy pressure from it. Bruno knew that he isn't strong like two year ago, because he lost his leg. but with the wood leg that was gift from marquis, he believe that he can defeat this beast.

Bruno received two gift from marquis. First is his greatsword, this greatsword is magic weapon that was created by dwarf. the great word was made from magic steel, that was product of alchemy by mixing mana stone and normal steel. then the magic steel ingot will got forged by dwarf into a weapon. price of this sword is really expensive even if you are goes to Kingdom Capital. That's why, Bruno isn't really sure when he got this sword as gift from marquis. but marquis just said 'iam not lost everything because using that sword you'll protect me'. so Bruno just accepting the greatsword.

and second gift is his wooden leg, he received it when he got married with his wife. he thought it's weird why the marriage gift was wooden leg. but when he appraise the leg apparently it were magic item. this wooden leg won't make him slipped even if he has to run on muddy ground in rainy day. this is make him so grateful had superior like Marquis Carmen.

"You guys back away, protect amber. we will fight it."

""""aye aye captain!""""

Ricky skillfully ordering his subordinate to back away. they knew that they just hindrance if they joining the fight. some of them guarding Amber, and take him into guard station. they knew if they let Amber ran in open space, he'll be easy target for charging boar.

Forest nightmare is charging into Bruno with red eyes. finally he can fulfill his nightmare. but before he can get into Bruno, a man appear in this blind spot, he came at the right sight of forest nightmare and slashing with his sword.

"tch. it's miss huh?"

But the beast is easily evading Max sneak attack.

"it is really as Ricky said. he can learning from his mistake. be careful Max, Ray!"

the beast was take some space between Bruno co. he observing their movement while moving slowly.

"what he was doing?"

"i don't know, but i think he is observing us. and he knew the others won't join the fight."

"so we can't do it like before huh?"

Three Bruno subordinate was discussing each other how to deal the beast. other knight was dumbfounded when they see three captain of Wales territory can talking casually on the middle of fight.

"guys look like it has enmity on me, i'll luring it to attack. Ray and Max will hinder it's movement. and Ricky use 「Light Slash」 against it and deal the finishing blow. if he targeting other than me, i'll deal with finishing blow, and other two will hinder it's movement."

"""Aye Aye""" ""Captain"" "my lord"

Max and Ricky accidentally said 'captain'. but Ray still said it correctly. it's been long time since they work together as team. so they won't mess up this time. and then they are spreading out and circling around the beast.

"he was targeting Ricky!"

"NO! wait!"

The beast was charging into Ricky, and Max start to make move. but a shout from Ricky stopping his step.

Ricky was seen something. the beast, even if it was charging into Ricky, it eye keep looking into Bruno. so Ricky knew that he was not it target. and right, two meter before the beast colliding with Ricky. the beast was turned to left and moving to Bruno.

"Max, protect lord Bruno!"

Max hurrying to hinder the beast movement. but before max make any action, the beast turned and change the target into Max.

"damn it. but i already knew this movement!"

Max skillfully change his step rolling his body into another direction.



but he still got hit by left side body of the boar. it like a man that hit at left side of the car that moving 100km/h. Max still got thrown up into air and landing into ground after rolling several meter.

"don't let guard down! it's turning away."

The beast was turning away with full speed and targeting Max again. Bruno tell his subordinate not to let their guard down. the beast is already closing to max, before max can stand up. but Bruno already at the front of Max to stopping the beast.

"Eat this!"

with this greatsword that has length 1.5 centimeter and 18 centimeter, he hack it horizontally.

Squeal, roar

The beast squealing in pain, he forced to change his run direction because of great sword that scraping entire left side it body.


Ray that came little late tried to slowed beast down by sweeping it right front leg using his sword. and Ricky that coming from left side using 「Light Slash」 into it neck to finish it off, but..

Slash! Splash.. Clank!




Ricky sword that using special technique only cut it neck shallowly. it just bleeding a little and the wound got closed. but Ray sword that trying to cut it leg got repelled, Ray hand was shaking, feel like when you are hitting a metal using wooden plank. the beast not just watching, it head butting Ricky until he has fly several meter while kicking Ray using his back feet.

"Damn it! it gotten stronger."

Max cursing when he saw his friend was beaten by the beast. it really take it name as Forest Nightmare. it really gotten stronger everytime they met.

"Ray, Ricky are you okey?

Ricky that just stand up nodded his head into Bruno, but Ray that got kicked until his breastplate dented just move his hand as signal that he still alive. The beast that starting running after attacking two Bruno subordinate began to turning his way again and come back.

(look like Ray broke several his rip, so he can't move his body well)

"Max protect Ray! Ricky if you can help hinder it movement give me a signal."

Ricky only give a smile and thumb into Bruno word. you can see trace of blood in his mouth. so his injury not light either. the beast just running full speed into Bruno, but Bruno was succeeding make evasion move, but the beast turning again with a faster speed and locking into Bruno that get ready until-


Squel... Roar...




Dino was so angry. for the first time in his live, he were endangering other people. so with angry he run full speed from the hill. and when he got close, the beast tried to attacking one legged middle age man. so he fasten his speed and with all his might, he cross his hand into x shape and launching his body like a missile into the stupid boar body.

when his body landed into the beast, he feel like tackling some pillow. but he never imagined that he and the beast will crashing loudly. actually the beast was got pushed by Dino strength, when it crashing into ground it make several meter trail that make area dusty.

"cough.. cough.."

(damn it, what the hell did i just do?)

Dino wake his body from the ground. look like the beast was thrown off two meter farther than him. he clean the dust from his clothes and looking at the beast.

"▄ ▄ ▄ "

"▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄"

"▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ "

(look like i don't understand that language. it not sound like germany, japanese, russian or even arabian)

as multi-billionaire he was learning seven language beside English. but with his capability, he still doesn't understand what what they saying. look like he really transported into another world.

(well, it's not hurt even if iam trying. maybe some of them will understand my language)

"Old-man! look like the beast isn't dead yet. can you finish it with your sword?"

Dino was shouting to old man that wielding a greatsword.



"▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄"

Bruno was confused. when he was ready to receiving the beast attack, suddenly a explosion was happened. what he saw was black lightning with golden trail of light crashing into the beast, and then loud crash can be heard. after explosion ended the area was filled by dust. so he asking his subordinate what's going on, but neither of them knew. Bruno was hearing loud small voice from the dust. but he can't understand any of it. so he thought the he just heard a thing. but..

"Huh? a child?"


look like Max was the one who seeing it first, and from Bruno viewpoint he still can't see anything. when the dust is died down Bruno finally can see what actually Max seen. he was surprised looking at small child, that look like five year old standing in the middle of dust. the kid has black hair and black clothes that look like isn't match with his age. but what make him stand out of their sight is golden bang of his hair.

(black lightning with golden trail, it can't be-)

"huh kid? what are you doing there? it's dangerous here!"

Bruno thought was disturbed by Max remark.

"▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄"


he kid start to talking to Max, but Max didn't understand anything that kid saying.

"i think it's trying to say something."

"▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄"

Bruno was trying to understand what the kid want to say. he doesn't understand any of it, but this time the kid was saying his word while pointing into something, yeah something that they forget. The Forest Nightmare, that starting to make movement of it body after the dust was died down. it's not like they forgetting the beast. but the rolling-coaster feeling situation that they felt make them forget about the beast.

(damn it, so the kid just want to say that the best still alive!)

"Max! Ricky! get ready on your position!"



The lord was confused. he doesn't understand what happened. what he do was trying to charging into his damned enemy one legged bald monkey. but he was suddenly blanked out for a moment. after sober up from his blanked out, he saw the dust everywhere. when the dust was died down, he saw all his hated enemy already here. the black monkey that fooling him, and metal platted monkey group that take half of his vision.

the lord need a way to defeat these bald monkey. now he knew that bald monkey with round metallic plate can't hurt him. his skin and muscles was grown stronger, so bald monkey sword won't hurt him anymore. black monkey ability are to make him scare just a moment. and what he was watch out was blade monkey with big sword and wooden leg. only the big sword can hurt his body. so the lord wake up and charging into bald monkey that shielding other bald monkey that lying on the ground.



"damn it! Max it's coming for you!"

Bruno was running with all his might, when he was running in this critical time he felt the entire world was slowed up. Bruno saw Ricky trying to run with all his might like Bruno. Bruno knew that he won't able to stop the beast from his position. he just hope that Max can stopped it just a moment before Bruno arrived. in panic situation Bruno mind was distracted by something that moving faster than him. it was the kid, the kid reaction was slower than Bruno, but he already overtaking Bruno that running with all his might. just a moment on the slowed time because of Bruno adrenaline. Bruno and the kid eyes was met, and the kid make a smile.

(is this kid crazy?)

that was Max thought, he saw something unbelievable. a kid running faster than his lord or Ricky. with just look he knew what the kid planning. the kid was planning to stopping the charging boar, that's why he thought the kid crazy doing suicide mission.


but Max eyes was like fooling him. he was dumbfounded, so was Ricky. they unintentionally shouting same word together, because saw the kid with his small was tackling boar leg, and make it fall.




They doesn't understand what the kid shout, but they knew he was saying a 'NOW!' to their lord, look he was giving their lord signal to attacking. they saw their lord greatsword shine faint red light. it's movement was faster than any technique that they ever seen. it was technique that they call 「Mana Edge」, with that technique they saw head was flying. so their captain was successfully beheading the boar!


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