Two Hearts, One Love
1 Two Hearts, One Love
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Two Hearts, One Love
Author :ts_
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1 Two Hearts, One Love

In a small town in New York, there was a twin brother, James and Jude Valiente. They were close to each other, they treat each other like best friends, and the two boys have a strong relationship that no one can ever break nor destroy.

When the school year started, James had a new classmate named Yoonah. Yoonah travelled in New York because her parents died in a car accident. So her uncles and aunts helped her. She took medicine in her school that's why they became classmates.

When James saw Yoonah, he fell in love with her. He really liked Yoonah even though they're not yet friends. So James moves closer to Yoonah. "Hi there, I'm James Valiente. And you are?" he said while extending his right hand. "Uhhm. Hello, James. Nice to meet you, I'm Yoonah Sue." she replied while shaking the hands of James.

James holds the hands of Yoonah tight and stared at her. "You're so beautiful. What brings you here? Why did you choose this course? Where are you from? Can I get your number?" James threw a lot of questions to her.

Yoonah was very confused that's why she was not able to answer all the questions. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to ..... I was....." James said in reply. "It's okay, I choose this course because I want to help myself. I'm from Ohio. My parents died because of an accident. My uncles and aunties helped me to finish my studies that's why I'm here." Yoonah answered all the questions of James while looking at the window.

James stared at Yoonah's face and said, "Just like what happened to my parents." Yoonah looked at him and listened. "I have a twin brother name Jeff. He's in the other class. My mother died because of a car accident. Even though my mom died, me and my brother are still happy because our father survived the accident." After James told the story. Their professor came. "Nice to meet you, Yoonah!" James said to Yoonah, but she didn't responded, she just nodded and smiled.

When the bell rang, Yoonah didn't know where she will go because she's not yet familiar in the campus. There were 3 girls who invited her to come with them. "Hi Yoonah! I'm Christine, one of your classmates. These are my friends, Yanna and Janice." While they were talking, laughing, and walking in the canteen, the brat girls saw them. "Ohh! So you are Yoonah, the one who's flirting with James. Do you like him?" said Princess. "I'm not flirting with him. I don't like him either. We're just friends." Yoonah answered.

"Ohh really? Don't ever try to flirt with him bitch or else I'll ..... uggghh. I'm just wasting my time, let's go girls." The brat girl said.

When they got away, Yoonah asked her friends "Who are they?" she said. "They are the famous brat girls in this campus, and WAS the girlfriend of James Valiente, that's why she's mad at you." Christine answered to her emphasizing the word "was". "Ohh. I see." Yoonah replied. "James has a twin brother." said Yanna. "He was more handsome than James." Janice added.

After a few minutes, the bell rang so Yoonah and Christine went to their classroom. Jeff and Yoonah accidentally bumped into each other that is why her things fell on the ground. Jeff helped Yoonah get all her things. "I'm really sorry, I didn't see you. Are you okay?" he said. "Yeah, I'm okay. Thank you for helping me." She replied. "No problem. By the way, I'm Jeff. And you are?"

He said while extending his right hand. "Hello, are you the brother of James? I'm Yoonah." She answered while staring at him. "Oh yes. I'm going to be late, nice to meet you Yoonah." he said while running. Her heart stopped beating when he saw Jeff. "He's more handsome than James. Omygooosh!" Yoonah said with twinkle in her eyes.

Jeff saw Yoonah and James chatting. "Hey James!" he shouted. "Oh! There's my brother." James said to Yoonah. "Jeff!" he shouted.

When Jeff comes closer to them, James introduced Yoonah to Jeff. "Hey brother, I'd like you to meet Yoonah, she's my classmate. Yoonah, this is my twin brother, Jeff." He said. "Hi, Yoonah! Have we met before? You look familiar." Jeff said to Yoonah while looking at her face. "Oh yes. We met earlier. Yoonah said in reply.

"Oh yes. I remember now." He answered. They both laugh. Jeff invited Yoonah to go out. "Would you like to go to the mall? I just want to know you more," said Jeff.

Yoonah is so flattered. "Uhhhm. It's okay with me. What about James?" she replied. "Don't mind me, it's okay. Enjoy your day." James answered. James left them and he was very jealous.

*On the way to the mall...

They laughed, they played games at the mall, they watched a movie, and they ate in the restaurants and etc. until they fell to each other.

*Jeff invited Yoonah for a dinner. Then Jeff said to Yoonah.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" he said. A tear fell on the eyes of Yoonah. "Yes!" she answered.

Yoonah hugged Jeff. When they saw each other again, Yoonah told the story to James, when James heard the story his heart was broken.

He threw the flowers he was holding. He was very emotional, he didn't go to school, he didn't go out of his room, and he didn't eat his food. Until he got sick. Yoonah visited him in their house. Yoonah knocked on the door and came in. "Hi, how do you feel? I bought you some-" she didn't finish her sentence because James suddenly got up. "Why are you here? Did I tell you to come?" he said while looking at the window. "I came to see you." she said. But suddenly James shouted at her "Get Out!" he said. "But.." she answered. "Out!" he shouted.

Yoonah was taken aback and so she went out in his room. The next day, Yoonah invited Jeff to the park and talked about what happened yesterday.

Yoonah told the whole story to Jeff. Jeff consoled Yoonah and told her to forget about the whole thing. And so Yoonah was pacified.

From that day on, Jeff and Yoonah had a misunderstanding. "Why don't you trust me? He's just my friend. I'm not flirting with him! Why don't you believe me?"

Yoonah shouted. "I don't need your explanation! Let's just finish this relationship. I don't want to argue with you!" he replied.

Then he left Yoonah. Yoonah was crying. She can't breathe normally so she went to the hospital. Her friends came over. Her friends told the news to James. "James, Yoonah needs a heart transplant to live or else she'll gonna die." said Christine.

"Why don't you tell it to Jeff?" he answered. "They broke up last night. Because of some misunderstanding, please come and visit her," she said.

James visited Yoonah to the hospital. "James! What are you doing here? How did you know? Where's your brother?" she said. "He's not here. I'm here because I want to apologize and see you," he replied. Yoonah hold his hands and said, "You don't need to apologize, I understand." And so they reconciled.

Because of the incident, James and Jeff became estranged. But James was thinking about how he can help Yoonah to survive, but suddenly he thought about his brother when he saw him sleeping. So he made a plan.

The next day, James talked to Jeff. "How are you? We need to talk." he said. "I'm okay. Why? What About?" Jeff replied. "All about Yoonah, she needs a heart transplant for her to live," he answered.

"I don't care about it. She lied to me. I don't care if she'll die!" Jeff shouted. James became mad at Jeff because of it.

"You know why am I saying this? You're not important to me anymore. You're not worth it. I will use your heart for the transplant." James injected medicine to Jeff that will enable him to sleep. "Goodbye, brother." Then he entered the car and brought him to the hospital.

James told the hospital that he has a donor for Yoonah. A month later, the operation was done, Yoonah was very happy because somebody donated a heart for her. Then James entered the room of Yoonah and told her, "Jeff donated his heart for you. He left a message before he slept." Yoonah read the message, saying:

"Hi babe, how are you? How's my heart? Sorry for the things I have done to you. Take good care of my heart okay? Thank you also for all the memories. Don't cry okay? I will always guard and protect you. I love you!"

- Jeff ♥

A tear fell on the eyes of Yoonah, she cried on the shoulder of James. "It's okay Yoonah. He did this to for you. Because he loved you that much, and I'm here to protect you." he said while tapping the back of Yoonah. "I want to see his body." she said. They went to the room where the body of Jeff. When she saw the body of Jeff, she cried and said, "I will always love you babe, I'll take good care of your heart, I will always visit you." she whispered and kissed the face of Jeff.

Yoonah didn't know that the letter was a big lie. They buried Jeff in the cemetery.

James married Yoonah and they had a son named "Jeffrey".

As the years went by, one-time Yoonah told her story to her son about how she survived because somebody donated a heart for her.

And so her son was very thankful to God and always prayed for the soul of the heart donor. All through the years, the secret was never known except for James.




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